How we helped Strong Tie Insurance achieved an average of 1,500 visits per month 123% increase in Organic sessions


Project Details


Strong Tie Insurance is focused on getting more traction on their insurance products, especially for the commercial trucking clientele. Bliss Drive engaged them on SEO Campaigns in May 2017.

The Challenge

Outdated site, over-optimized landing pages, lacking high authority links to give them a much needed boost in targeted keyword positions. User experience is also lacking before.



Didn’t happen overnight, this is a competitive niche.
Website redesign to update their website UI Proper onpage implementation Improved user experience Off page optimization badly needed.

Organic Traffic

The client is getting an average of 700-900 Organic sessions before Bliss Drive stepped in.

After a few months of SEO groundwork, we’ve achieved an average of 1,500 visits per month 123% increase in Organic sessions.

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Number of Leads

Leads coming in are at an average of 100-150 per month since September 2017. As of March 2018, StrongTieInsurance is now at 500-700 leads per month, which is 686% increase in number of leads (both calls and form submissions)

Backlinks built over time

Building backlinks do not happen overnight, it takes 3 months to get on full throttle in sending domain authority to the website. Gradual increases are more appreciated by search engines. As content web pages and backlinks increased the number of organic keywords increased.