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What is Baidu SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, BigCommerce SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search results pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site. Learn about SEO marketing in Los Angeles.

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Baidu seo

• Increased Baidu Rankings
• Keyword Research
• Organic Search Growth
• High-Quality Content Creation
• Backlink Analysis and Image Optimization
• Baidu Analytics and Traffic Analysis
• Improved Customer Experience
• More Clients, More Calls, More Leads, and More Conversions


Improving your website ranking in the Chinese markets requires smart Baidu strategies. With over 80% of the Chinese markets, Baidu is the de facto search engine in China. Just as it is with any search engine, a higher rank on Baidu means more business, better leads, and overall business growth. But ranking on Baidu requires a much different approach than ranking on Google. You’ll not only need keywords that are optimized for the Chinese audience, but you’ll also need processes that leverage Baidu’s algorithms.

Like Google, Baidu is more than just simple search engines. It’s important to consider mobile search, web search, pay-per-click, video search, shopping search, image search, and all of the other critical components of the Baidu eco-system. Our comprehensive Baidu SEO strategy goes beyond the basics and leverages crucial tools to create spectacular short-term campaigns and scalable long-term solutions.


Poorly targeted campaigns lead to slow or no growth. Targeting the Chinese audience via search engines requires a strategy that taps into deep analytics to offer smart, directed journeys for potential buyers.

We identify your target audience using a combination of the latest data and metrics, discovering your specific business needs, and focusing on your company’s culture to help drive high-intent, high-value leads into your funnel. We don’t just assume that Baidu SEO for China requires a different approach; we know it does, and we understand it exactly.


Like Google, Baidu’s search engine algorithm is addicted to high content. Your digital story fuels your customer’s journey, and when executed cleverly it empowers people to not only take notice but to take action. We help brands deliver end-to-end content that’s relevant to your business and your customers. Your digital experiences help your customers relate to your brand, and engage with your image. Our scalable content strategies are the online rocketship you need to launch faster, engage more thoroughly, and boost conversion rates. We create content that demands results.


Today’s technological landscape requires flawless data acquisition and attribution to remain competitive. Who should you target? Why should you target them? Where are they in your funnel? Where have they been and where are they going?

We combine pools of highly-relevant customer data with firmographics and demographics that deliver the right Chinese visitors to your business and then help you convert them into customers. Our Baidu SEO services use baked-in data analysis. We don’t believe that there are bad customers — just weak acquisition strategies.

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Keywords glue customer intention to your SEO strategy.

Your keywords are your SEO fuel. They represent the intention of your customers, and they represent your services, brand, and needs. We build smart keyword databases driven by the intent of your target audience, your competitor’s paid search campaigns, and your overall brand and services. We also take your current target audience and adjust it to a Chinese atmosphere — ensuring that your keywords are thoughtful and conversion-driven. We deliver enterprise-level SEO to all of our customers via enterprise SEO platforms to create continuous streams of valuable organic traffic on Baidu.

Discover your competitor’s strengths & weaknesses to deliver superior digital experiences.
Winning on Baidu requires sophisticated competitor analysis that identifies the keywords of your top competitors, then leverages their weaknesses to help you rank faster, spend smarter, and grow more easily. We back all of our competitor research with high-quality analytics to help you grab a bigger chunk of the market spend. You want to appear in Baidu’s search results for the specific keywords that will bring you the biggest and easiest sales. We make that happen.

We take care of the back-end to give you competitive agility on the front-end.
SEO isn’t only about your keywords and content. Your meta-tags, sitemap, image files, and schema all play a critical role in how Baidu ranks your website. We work to identify all of your technical weak points, and we dive into the code to help you address and repair any critical mistakes. SEO, in the end, is all about consistency – don’t just deliver better content than your competitors; deliver a better overall experience. Your customers will thank you, and you will thank us.


We breed content-centric strategies.
We believe that content is the heart of your SEO strategy. Sure, SEO works as a whole and there are several parts, but you want to deliver tangible value to every customer whose digital footprint touches your website’s doormat. Our SEO team includes native Chinese content creators with multilingual skills who know how to make your content speak in ways that resonate personally. After all, what’s the point of taking the time to create great content if your customers aren’t digesting it happily? We make every word count.

Gain authority and link juice with smart, ethical backlinks.
SEO doesn’t only happen on your website. Your offsite SEO is the magic that turns your website into an authority figure. We help spread your brand by developing smart and ethical backlinks that leverage value-driven content and savvy brand-to-brand relationships while avoiding those spammy (and scammy) link building campaigns. Baidu’s algorithm is smart and it expects your backlinks to be real, relatable, and relevant.


Win with a comprehensive Baidu strategy that includes images & videos to pay-per-click campaigns.

Baidu’s search function is only one component of the Baidu puzzle. We leverage Baidu Zhidao (similar to Google’s “Questions & Answers,”) Baidu Baike (similar to Wikipedia,) Baidu Tuiguang (similar to Google’s Adwords,) Baidu Maps, Baidu Image Search, partnered social media platforms, and more to create comprehensive SEO strategies that leverage all of Baidu’s critical services and marketing channels. Don’t just appear on the Baidu search. Appear on Baidu everything.


We make mobile the heart of your digital SEO strategy.
We spread our mobile-first manifesto to your business’s Baidu strategy. With more and more Chinese people navigating Baidu on mobile screens, you need to meet them on the devices they use most. We are sure that your website is mobile-ready for the Chinese audience. Your business should embrace the future of search and capitalize on it – not hide from it.


We prevent abuse and create data-driven campaigns.
With Baidu Analytics, we can ensure that every dollar of your ad spend is intelligent. You want your keywords and PPC strategy to be tight and functional. We find the data to back it up and make every move quantifiable. Baidu is aggressively anti-spam (more so than Google!), and small infractions can lead to serious consequences. We keep your campaigns aligned to Baidu’s policies, best-practices, and expected standards. This will keep your website coasting through the rankings without running headfirst into a brick wall of compliance.

If you’re ready to reach a completely new market, it’s time for us to talk. Let us explain in detail how Bliss Drive can capture an audience that you never thought possible.

addressing your needs

We’re a true, one-stop-shop for Baidu SEO services. We’re dedicated to helping your business grow in the emerging Chinese markets, which is the world’s fastest-growing economy. When people type something into an engine search, they have a clear intent, whether it’s researching a product or making a purchase. We grab our detective hats and make sure that high-intent customers reach your page first with sophisticated search engine market techniques. Every market is different. You can’t copy-paste Google strategies into a Baidu campaign. We deliver hyper-relevant Baidu campaigns that resonate with the Chinese markets using strategies, like:

• Mobile Optimization
• Chinese Keyword research
• Market Analytics
• Demographic Research
• Firmographic Research
• Backlink Optimization
• Content Creation and Curation
• PPC Campaigns
• Paid Ads
• Web Development
• Technical SEO
• and plenty more – all targeted for Chinese users.


It should be quite clear to you by now that achieving dominance in the Chinese markets requires ranking well on Baidu. It’s the #1 search engine in China, and it can help your digital growth explode overseas. We believe that ranking on Baidu requires special methodologies that go beyond the basic turnkey solutions. You need personalized content, smart keyword research, and keen insights into the technical components of Baidu’s mind — like indexing and PPC. We’ll start by auditing your website and showing you a clear, coherent roadmap to success backed up by usable data and relevant case studies.

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