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Thinking up ideas for your company’s content plan is always a struggle. It’s easy to spend all day staring at your computer screen daydreaming about the effect of this blog post or that video without coming to a conclusion on any idea’s value.

In this post, we’ll show you how the process of creating a content plan and schedule can be simplified using Google Trends – a powerful online tool that offers insight on the topics web users are searching for.

Using Google Trends to find hot topics and ideas

Every now and then, a certain event or piece of content goes viral. It could be a video of someone saying or doing something outrageous, a news event that starts a global conversation or simply an everyday event that people find interesting.

Google Trends tracks people’s searches and reports them in almost real time. With a click of your mouse, you can see the most popular searches for the last 24 hours and learn more about what Internet users are searching for.

You can do this with Google’s Hot Trends feature. Scroll down the list to view the top searches for the last few days, ranked in order of popularity with web users in your specific region.

Breaking down Google Trend by region or industry

Do you want to learn more about a specific type of event? Click on Top Charts in the Google Trends sidebar to bring up a list of the top searches for a massive number of categories and niches, from baseball players to whiskeys.

Monitoring the Top Charts lets you learn which topics are popular with a wide range of specific niches. This can be a great source of content inspiration for websites with a broad focus; by seeing what’s popular, you can decide what to blog about.

It’s also a great strategy for discovering popular trends to link your business to. If a certain person – Nikola Tesla, for example – is trending, you can think of unique and engaging ways to relate that person to your business.

Turning people and trends into business content

As a business, finding subjects to blog about can be difficult. Most businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to write about anything in the same way that an online magazine or newspaper can, limiting their reach.

By relating trending topics to your business, however, you can write about a wider variety of topics than usual. Let’s use our Nikola Tesla example about to plan a blog post for an online store that sells consumer electronics.

Seeing that Tesla’s popularity is rising in the Top Charts (it’s up five points as of this guide being written), you could think of ways to link that rising search popularity to your consumer electronics business.

How about a blog post on “5 Devices in Your Living Room That Only Work Because of Nikola Tesla,” or a video outlining how his involvement in designing the alternating electricity supply system makes a certain product you sell possible?

You don’t need to report directly on trending topics; by using this strategy, you can turn a trending topic that’s otherwise only loosely related to your company into an excellent subject for a blog post or online video.

Start using Google Trends for content ideas today

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon struggling to come up with an idea for a new blog post or YouTube video, you’ll know how tough content marketing can be. You might also recognize how valuable Google Trends can be as a source of content ideas.

Instead of brainstorming blog post, news report or video ideas without a source of inspiration at your business, visit Google Trends every morning to see what’s going on in the world and what people are searching for.

With the right attitude and enough creativity to turn a trending topic of person into a topic that’s relevant to your business, you’ll never run out of great content ideas to turn into blog posts and videos.

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