Value of Foursquare Marketing for Your Business

Value of Foursquare Marketing for Your Business

Foursquare is a social networking website. It is available to GPS-enabled mobile phone users. By running a device specific application or using a mobile, website users let their friends know their location at any point of time. These locations could be a bar, restaurant, or a store registered with Foursquare. Foursquare application uses the GPS to know where you are and you can let this information go either in a public or private domain to let others know about your whereabouts. This is the next best thing using social media marke in Orange County, CA for local businesses, but of course you still need further help. But how do you get started with Foursquare?

It’s a Hot Social Networking Tool

You can post updates about your location to Foursquare user-friends and also leave short comments about your experience. It also has a game like feature by which a user earns badges by doing certain things. A user frequenting a location the most is declared the mayor of that location. If somebody becomes a mayor, you can reward him or her appropriately.

Opportunities for Your Business

Foursquare connects a close-knit group of friends who are all Foursquare users. Anyone visiting your business location and leaving some comments about the good experience can spread very fast. The Foursquare network is increasing really fast. Up from just one million users a year ago, it has now more than 8 million users. And tapping this network could really mean a lot to your business.

Make Your Business Listed

First thing you need to do for your business is to make sure that it is listed on the map of your area. For this, just sign up as a user on Foursquare and try the check-in option for your business location. See whether your business location shows up on the map or not. If it does not, you can add it manually. If it is already there, check if it has the right information about your business.

Reward Mayors

The person who has checked in at your business location the most, deserves a reward. He is the Foursquare mayor of your business and you can offer him or her some free rewards, gift coupons or discount coupons. It has a built-in application to send messages to users who are currently checked in at location close to your business and you can make some special offers to any of them if they happen to be your frequent customer.

It is a Fun Tool

Foursquare is indeed a fun social tool. You can think of variety of different ways to attract users to come and visit your business. You can offer discount to those who check in using Foursquare. If you have a bunch of Foursquare users at your business location, you can arrange a party for them and invite others also to join in.

People are most influenced by their friends when it comes to buying certain things or visiting certain places. Make your marketing mix include tapping these Foursquare user-friends. Their short messages sharing their experiences with their friends could indeed make your business take a leap.

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Richard Fong is a highly experienced and successful internet marketer, known for founding Bliss Drive. With over 20 years of online experience, he has earned a prestigious black belt in internet marketing. Richard leads a dedicated team of professionals and prioritizes personalized service, delivering on his promises and providing efficient and affordable solutions to his clients.
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