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The easy answer to get more traffic to your website is with more content, because content is king.  One important key, however, is to develop content that people are actually looking for.  The other key is to have multiple content pages for the topic that you service or the product you’re selling.  Each page on your website acts like a fishing line out in the ocean.  The more fishing lines you cast out, the more types of fish you are going to bring in.  What this boils down to in the end is having a lot of content based on the keywords, or the topic, that you specifically want to rank for to bring in the most traffic. That’s the short and easy answer.

Now, a lot of people out there will tell you to “do content marketing,” but that is not the whole picture.  The reason is that the whole picture also includes everyone else doing that. Your competitor can pump out a lot of content and so can you. You can make sure that your own website pages are incredible, but how does Google know to rank you higher than your competition? How would they know when everything looks the same?

The only way any website is able to beat out others in a search engine, is through their algorithm of recognizing your website’s authority and trust.  This is only established through “linked pages.”  That means other websites linking back to your website.  The more links you have to other websites linking back is equal to a vote of confidence for your website. Obviously not every vote is equal.  A link coming back from a government website is obviously going to be a lot more authoritative and trustworthy than a link coming back from a mom’s blog, right?

After you have a ton of content related to your topic, you will want to build up your websites authority and trust.  You can evaluate the analytics and this is where your SEO marketing budget comes into play.  It is the art of building those authorities, increasing the links coming back to your website.  The goal is to make sure that the links are increasing over time for the topics that you are producing.

That is the longer version of successful SEO and the more challenging way to increase traffic.  By having a lot of content and making sure your website’s authority and trust are strong, you will keep the fishing boat afloat in the sea of information.  This allows a much higher ranking of your website in search engines, so that it can be found everywhere, and Google will respect what you do, and rank you properly according to your field or specialty.

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