How To Add eCommerce Events In Google Analytics

How To Add eCommerce Events In Google Analytics

Google Analytics Event tracking is a useful feature that allows you to record interactions with elements of your website which aren't tracked as standard within the tool. You can use this tool to track when people click on links, download files or subscribe for newsletters from the sites and then create custom reports based on those events so they'll be able to find out what users are doing most often in order to optimize their site accordingly.

Google Analytics Event tracking is a boon for website owners. You can record all sorts of events on your site — like how long people watch videos or which fields they stop filling out their form, without needing any extra coding knowledge! This can be an invaluable tool in understanding customer behavior and optimizing the way that content is displayed.

How To Add eCommerce Events In Google Analytics

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. After logging into the Google Analytics 4 property, click Configure.
  3. Now click on Create An Event.
  4. After that, select a custom event name.
  5. Set the event parameter.
  6. Set the operator name
  7. Set an event value.
  8. Finally, click on Create

What Can Google Analytics’ Event Tracking Tool Be Used For?

Some of the typical uses for event tracking are listed below:

  • Tracking outbound link clicks to other websites.
  • Understanding how many users clicked on mail to email addresses or click-to-call phone numbers. This is a great way to measure your site's effectiveness.
  • Tracking PDF and other media downloads.
  • Measure "engagement" with videos, such as time spent watching a video.
  • Tracking exactly where users drop off when filling in fields on your forms or checkout is key to ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of your calls to action is a great way to make sure you're engaging viewers.
  • Collecting data about how many users filled in and submitted a form.

Setting up goals in Google Analytics based on these events can provide a great deal of insight into your visitors' activity, as well as help you measure the success of certain marketing campaigns.

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