How To Best Calculate Shipping For eCommerce Sites

How To Best Calculate Shipping For eCommerce Sites

eCommerce shipping rates are determined by a number of factors including the choice of courier, package size and weight, origin and destination addresses, and additional shipping options such as tracking and insurance.

It can be difficult to compare services precisely because they all provide slightly different options, and each business will have its own set of variables. As a result, the best way to calculate shipping costs is to identify your variables and devise a formula that will yield the most accurate estimate.

Figure out how much various combinations of items will cost when shipped and then calculate the overall volume. Once volume has been calculated, use a scale to weigh the items that will be delivered. Lastly, use a ruler to accurately measure box sizes. 

Once you have the variables, you can generate the estimated shipping cost by visiting your chosen courier's website and looking at their rates or using their calculators if available. It may also be beneficial to consider factors such as whether the items will be picked up by the courier, how much it will cost to go visit the courier if pickup is not possible, and how much it will cost to get in touch with the courier in your calculation.

Finally, make certain that you are aware of the laws and regulations that govern the areas that your eCommerce business covers, especially where the origin and destination addresses are. That way, you will not be surprised by tax charges and other potential expenses.

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