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The internet is a big place and in order for a business to get the most out of it, a website is not enough. You must also have a blog. Starting a blog for your company is easy, and the benefits that you will receive from your efforts can be huge, especially if you need a gateway for people to go into your site. Local businesses can benefit on this too, if there are area-specific and trivial facts that is interesting to share, which also helps in Local Search Optimization.

There are several ways that you can start a blog for your business. It really depends on how much money you want to spend, how internet savvy you are, and how much control you want to have over the blog.


The first question that businesses have when it comes to a blog is this. “What am I going to blog about. I own a business, not a tabloid magazine.” Blogs don’t always have to be personal, and they most definitely don’t have to be about gossip. A blog could consist of any fresh new content about your business, or your industry. It could be news, new products, tips, trends, or industry specific problems and solutions. It should be anything that keeps your products, services, and name out there swimming in the world wide web.


The next question that most businesses have is this. “Who am I going to get to write and publish content to my business blog?” You most likely already have a bunch of talented employees. Make it one of their daily tasks, but don’t make seem like more work to them. Make it seem like a way for them to express themselves. Make it all positive and a privilege and you will soon have more than a handful of employees that want to add fresh exciting new content to your blog.


A professional web designer will be able to give you the best blogging platform, and if you already have a website, then your web designer should be able to add a blog right to your current design scheme without any trouble.

There are also loads of free options out there as well. The only downside to using a free blog is the lack of control. If for at any reason the blogging platform thinks that you are violating any of its policies, then they can take down everything that you have worked so hard to build.


A business blog can attract more customers pure and simple. The more relevant content that you put on your company blog, the more chances you have of reeling in customers. Think of it as fishing, and every piece of content that you post to your blog is a new fishing line in the water with a different piece of bait that can attract a different kind of fish. So what are you waiting for? Start your company blog today and start getting more exposure, leads, and clients.

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