Using Influencers to Expand Your SEO Reach

Using Influencers to Expand Your SEO Reach

These days, it’s pretty common to find an influencer connected with one brand or another. You can think of it as an evolution of the usage of celebrity endorsers for beverages or electronics. 

The funny thing is, they don’t even have to be directly connected with the industry they are promoting. Movie stars who have never seen a toolbox could be endorsing the next Black and Decker Tool Kit on TV. What matters is their ability to capture your message and present it to audiences. It also helps if they have some clout with your target audience.

Nowadays, we see these influencers mostly on social media platforms. The best part? They can help direct traffic towards websites as well. Think of it as the next big thing in SEO. 

How These Influencers Help

As their label implies, their role is to influence. It might seem obvious, but a lot of people––consciously and even unconsciously––hit like and subscribe, or even make a purchase when they see an influencer doing something memorable while promoting a brand. 

It’s all marketing, at the end of the day. Moreover, it is an opening for bolstering your marketing strategy. Utilizing these influencers for your brand could be that secret weapon you need to give your business an edge. 

Influencer marketing isn’t anything new. It has been slowly developing over the past decade, increasing its pace these past few years. With this in mind, you’ve got the advantage of building on the experiences of others. 

Additionally, this means you’ve got a bevy of information available to you when it comes to influencer marketing. Combined with other SEO strategies, you can be sure that you’ll be able to develop your site’s rank and, further, your reach. 

But enough of these wonderful what-ifs. Tangible examples of the benefits you stand to gain with effective influencer marketing include:

Partnering with the Right Influencers for Affiliate Links

A site’s link profile describes the overall health of any links and backlinks hosted on the site. Seen as one of the biggest factors when it comes to site rank, developing your own site’s link profile will allow you to build on SEO.

Building off this idea, an influencer with an established network in your niche will have access to the right kind of links. 

Affiliate links have the advantage of providing a source of income as well as providing backlinks. These two benefits alone can make or break a website, especially during the early years. 

Developing the idea further, you can expect to be the go-to guy for both consumers as well as partner brands, increasing your reach even further than before. 

Aside from that, influencers are also (supposedly) skilled and experienced when it comes to content creation. The best influencers are able to incorporate some creativity into your designed campaign. With how profitable the industry has become, a lot of people have actually been looking into becoming influencers in their own right. 

Targeting the Ideal Audience Directly 

Assuming you’ve found the right person for the job, things should work smoothly. That’s because the right influencer will have a good idea of who the audience is, as well as how to communicate with them. 

It comes with the territory after all. As influencers, they depend on a loyal fan base who are willing to listen to and trust them on their views and opinions. 

Use this to your benefit by connecting with an influencer who understands your niche. Do this, and you can be assured of a more effective form of contact between you and the audience. And the best part is, you technically aren’t the one doing the talking.

It is prudent to point out that this will only work out with the right kind of campaign strategy. At this point, the only consideration left would be how well you can figure out who your target audience really is. 

Increasing Your Brand Awareness by Boosting your Link Portfolio

Link building, a component of SEO, is a high-impact method of increasing a site’s traffic and ranking

This is mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, a site’s link network tells the search engine how authoritative you are. Secondly, the link network of any given site dictates how trustworthy a site may be. 

As a result, you are able to tackle two of three points that Google has given to sites as a suggestion for better search engine results page rank. Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, or E-A-T for short, is a summarized version of these guidelines.  

With effective influencer marketing implementation, you can expect to benefit from these two points by leveraging on the chosen personality’s established network as well as your own. 

How to Choose an Influencer

Still on the fence about influencer marketing? Let’s dial things back a bit. What constitutes an influencer anyway? 

Generally, you can expect influencers to fall under any of the following categories:

  • An expert from the industry 
  • A blogger 
  • A celebrity 
  • An opinion writer
  • A social media personality 

There are a few more categories but, again, these are some of the more general ones. These can help you figure out which kind of influencer you would want to work with.

Now, we can get to the exciting part. Knowing what kind of influencer you want is just the first step. 

Setting Concrete Goals for your Influencer Plan

As with anything, the most successful campaigns often begin with a well-laid-out plan. This goes for online campaigns as well. It takes a little effort––for good reason. 

The key here is to be clear with your intentions as you can’t expect your potential influencer to guess the details of your campaign. This lack of communication could backfire, especially with the amount of responsibility you are about to give them.

You can address this early on by formulating a campaign plan. This will help brief the influencer about your expectations while also giving them a framework to work with. 

The idea is to develop a plan before even meeting an influencer. You can then adapt this plan to work with a specific influencer once you’ve found the right person. It could be a long process.

But trust us, the effort is well worth it. 

Looking for Influencers Within Your Specific Niche

It’s possible that we’re going to start sounding like a broken record here. Again, it’s not about finding just any influencer, it’s about getting the right influencer for your business. 

How would you know you’ve found the right one? Simple. Look for influencers who’ve already established themselves in the niche that your business belongs to. This way, you know they’re active in your community. 

Focusing on a specific niche will ensure that you’re talking to the crowd that you should be talking to. Do some active research on your own by identifying well-respected experts as well as opinion writers on blogs, both of which should be plentiful.

Tracking Results

One of the most quintessential signs of professional work is tracking any kind of result. After all, how would you know you’ve progressed well if you have no benchmark to begin with? 

This goes for influencer marketing as well. Protect your investments by keeping a record of how well (or not) your marketing campaign is working out for you. 

Luckily, there are a couple of metrics you could focus on to get a good idea of where your campaign is going: 

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is simply the rate at which site visitors land on your site then subsequently leave. It describes how well your site may attract and retain site visitors. A high rate means your site looks boring, has a poor user experience, or a bad interface, among other factors. On the other hand, the opposite means effective site development. 

Click-Through Rate

Your campaign’s click-through rate, or CTR, shows the rate at which the potential visitors click links leading to your site. This metric is used for advertisements as well as a measuring tool on the number of clicks per impression. 

Link/Backlink Health 

Understanding your site’s link profile is the first step in link building. Your site’s link profile has a huge impact on your site rank on search engine results pages. As such, keeping a healthy link portfolio is a great way to work on your SEO. 

You’ll want to keep an eye on the general health of your links to make sure you don’t suffer any negative consequences on Google. 


At the end of the day, the point we’re making is that businesses have to adapt to the changes in our world in order to make the most out of their ventures. For today’s businesses, this means tapping into influencer marketing for SEO. 

With the availability and ease of access to social media platforms, it shouldn’t be hard to make contact with these guys anyway. Most of the heavy lifting comes in during the planning stages, and once you have ironed out your campaign, it should be good to go. 

But of course, an expert’s touch is always welcomed. At Bliss Drive, we know all of the latest digital marketing tactics. Allow us to make marketing a breeze for you. Contact us today to find out more!

Richard Fong is a highly experienced and successful internet marketer, known for founding Bliss Drive. With over 20 years of online experience, he has earned a prestigious black belt in internet marketing. Richard leads a dedicated team of professionals and prioritizes personalized service, delivering on his promises and providing efficient and affordable solutions to his clients.
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