What Are the Three Major Forms of Digital Direct Marketing?

What Are the Three Major Forms of Digital Direct Marketing?

Digital direct marketing (DDM) is a subcategory of direct marketing wherein the brand reaches out to the customer or prospect directly through digital channels. Marketers can execute their strategies on the three major forms of DDM: mobile phones, web browsers, and emails. Of course, your approach should vary depending on the channel you choose.

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Is Direct Digital Marketing Effective?

Upcoming marketers might wonder whether DDM strategies still work. After all, won’t your prospects find it annoying to receive multiple texts, emails, and push notifications about your business? The simple answer: it depends.

However, marketers cannot deny that DDM remains popular and relevant. Longitudinal research shows that most companies allocate 57% of their marketing budget for direct marketing.

There’s no way to guarantee results, but marketers can increase their chances of success by creating varying DDM strategies based on the channels they use. Utilize the features and user experience these forms offer.

Here’s a quick guide to jumpstart your marketing plan:

Web Browsers

DDM strategies through web browsers involve the use of cookies. These are data-embedded text files that separate individual networks from each other. They generally track user activity.

For users, accepting cookies leads to a better surfing experience. After all, cookies assist with customizing a user’s web pages, including recommended YouTube videos, Google search results, and Facebook feed.

And for marketers, cookies allow you to gear your ads toward the correct target market. Do not forgo the importance of proper ad targeting.

Mobile Phones

Brands primarily have two choices when it comes to mobile phone DDM strategies. You can either secure their number or get the user to download your program or application.

For example, if your brand develops apps, you can send the users push notifications regarding promos, software updates, and app activity.

Meanwhile, those who have their prospects’ numbers can market their brand via text. Make sure not to overdo it. Some people find it intrusive or annoying when brands send marketing pitches to their number.


Contrary to popular belief, email marketing remains one of the top DDM strategies to convert prospects into customers. In fact, statistics show that email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) ratio of 48:1. That means you can expect $48 worth of revenue for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

The key to effective email marketing is timing. Yes, reaching out to your clients via email works, but don’t expect positive results if you plan on bombarding them with multiple messages in one day. In worse cases, prospects might even classify you as spam.

Instead, send a maximum of one or two emails per week to casual readers. You can opt to increase the frequency and switch to aggressive marketing once the prospect takes action (e.g., downloading offers, visiting your website, comparing prices).

Don’t worry if your DDM strategies don’t generate results right away—this is normal. Consistency has more bearing versus overnight success. 

Marketers can only improve their brand awareness and conversion rates if they consistently troubleshoot their marketing approach. Never stop finding ways to improve your plan.

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