What Is A Good eCommerce Bounce Rate?

What Is A Good eCommerce Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors that exit without engaging with the rest of the site. The average eCommerce bounce rate is between 20% and 4%, with bounce rates under 20% deemed unusual. That being said, it would make sense that a good eCommerce bounce rate would be around 8% or lower.

However, it’s important to note that although the bounce rate is a critical factor when it comes to your website’s general SEO, it is not a reliable measure of the success of your eCommerce business. Nevertheless, you can leverage your bounce rate data to make adjustments that will impact your eCommerce website’s success. Here’s how:

Identify What Counts as a Bounce

If you want more actionable insights, you must define what constitutes as a ‘bounce’. To accomplish this, you must modify the way your eCommerce bounce rate is calculated. Examining your average page durations can assist you in benchmarking and estimating the amount of time spent on a product page before a visitor is considered engaged.

For example, if your average buyer spends 40 seconds reviewing content before making a purchase, you could classify visitor activity that lasts less than 30 seconds as a bounce. Adjust your data based on your audience's behavior to exclude irrelevant segments of your audience from bounce rate calculations.

Optimize Specific Pages

With your bounce rate segmented to focus on visitors who legitimately bounce without a valuable level of engagement, you can analyze that data per product and landing page to determine where optimization is needed.

You must consider which products or landing pages generate the most revenue when deciding which pages to target for improving bounce rates. Then you must determine where a lower bounce rate will have the greatest impact on revenue. Finally, you must consider which fixes are simple to implement versus those that necessitate extensive testing to determine the source of the bounce.

Consider the Competition

It is safe to conclude at this point that the concept of a good bounce rate in eCommerce is not absolute. A low bounce rate does not guarantee an increase in eCommerce sales, nor does a high bounce rate guarantee a drop.

The next step in prioritizing your optimization efforts is to determine where you stand in relation to your competitors and other eCommerce industries, as well as how different audience segments bounce. 

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