What Is The Largest eCommerce Conference?

What Is The Largest eCommerce Conference

Ecom World is the world's largest eCommerce conference. This is where the world's most innovative and trailblazing entrepreneurs come together in one place to learn more about their craft while networking with like-minded individuals. This was scheduled to happen on the 15 and 16th of November 2021 with a schedule following EST.  

Regardless of your timezone, all attendees will have the ability to customize their own agenda and watch presentations on-demand with one week of replays. You'll be able to message other participants from anywhere in the world and network anytime you want — day or night!

This two-day event involves 10+ different tracks consisting of numerous speeches, panels, and Q&A sessions designed specifically by experts within the field of eCommerce. Such an offering helps you not only grow better as an individual but provides plenty of opportunities to further grow your business. 

Some of Ecom World’s speakers involve successful founders, CEOs, CMOs, and top industry authorities. They will reveal some of the practical strategies that they use to grow their business, including exclusive secrets on how you can profit too. Here are just a few of the upcoming speakers at the event:

  • Tanya Malan - Director of User Experience & eCommerce, Bonobos
  • Nik Sharma - CEO, Sharma Brands
  • John Sculley - Former Chairman & CEO, Apple
  • Sharon Gai - Director of Global Key Accounts, Tmall & Alibaba
  • Nabil Malouli - VP of Global Ecommerce, DHL, Advisor & Speaker
  • David Fogarty - CEO, The Oodie
  • Sarah Grosz - Head of Influencer Marketing, MuteSix
  • Josh Snow - Founder & CEO, Snow Teeth Whitening
  • Taylor Sicard - Co-Founder & CMO, Win Brands Group
  • Jason Wong - Co-Founder & COO, Saucehaus

Attending an eCommerce event like Ecom World is sure to help you grow your brand. However, if you’re in the beginning stages of establishing your business, make sure you know the fundamentals of marketing an eCommerce brand. Check out Bliss Drive’s guide on why eCommerce owners should care about SEO today. 

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