Why Video Needs To Be A Part Of Your eCommerce SEO Strategy

Why Video Needs To Be A Part Of Your eCommerce SEO Strategy

While Google isn't transparent enough to let us know exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to rankings, the search engine's algorithm seems to be prioritizing video content now with 26% of search results showing video thumbnails.

Nevertheless, videos provide shoppers on your eCommerce site with a deeply engaging experience and may encourage people who are searching for relevant content on the Google search results page to visit your website. 

Creating Quality Content

Compared to static images, videos are frequently embedded in product pages, providing richer inspirational or functional information about a product. They are extremely beneficial to people who conduct online product research.

Moreover, having videos within your product pages gives viewers extensive information about your products, improving the overall quality of your website’s content. Quality content is crucial in SEO as it increases the likelihood of getting backlinks.

Building a Reputation

Articles and blog posts on eCommerce sites may also include videos that feature reviews, compare products, or share behind-the-scenes information about what makes the company unique. Many customers will most likely be interested in specifics about your company, such as your stance on waste management or your community involvement.

Having video on your site allows viewers to have a more in-depth view of your brand and business, encouraging people to visit your website more frequently for updates and new information.

Engaging With Customers in Real Time

Embedded live streams with the ability for viewers to interact with the host fosters deeper customer relationships. Live streams can be planned ahead of time or created in the spur of the moment. Some video streaming services allow you to embed live streams in your pages, allowing you to use their infrastructure while keeping customers within your own site.

Because video SEO is only starting to become popular, now is an excellent time to get started. If you need assistance with developing an SEO strategy that will maximize your use of video for eCommerce, head over to Bliss Drive today and learn more about our eCommerce SEO services.

Richard Fong is a highly experienced and successful internet marketer, known for founding Bliss Drive. With over 20 years of online experience, he has earned a prestigious black belt in internet marketing. Richard leads a dedicated team of professionals and prioritizes personalized service, delivering on his promises and providing efficient and affordable solutions to his clients.
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