Choosing The Best Shopify Theme For SEO: 8 Factors to Consider

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    While Shopify has a streamlined, beginner-friendly platform, its basic editor produces generic templates. It doesn’t give you enough leverage for customizations. Since Shopify powers 600,000+ brands in 175 countries, creating an eye-catching eCommerce shop puts you at an advantage. Strive to stand out from the competition.

    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to master the latest web design strategies to create a high-traffic, profitable shop. Utilizing the best Shopify themes for SEO can already help you reach new heights. Incorporate the best Shopify theme into your store to attract qualified leads, improve site navigability, eliminate unnecessary friction, and ultimately get more sales.

    Are you having trouble navigating the best Shopify themes for SEO? We can help! Choose the best Shopify theme for your store by faithfully considering the following factors:

    Mobile-Friendly Interface

    There are currently more than 230.5 million digital buyers online. Overlooking the mobile interface of your website cuts your chances of attracting and converting prospects drops. Everyone does their shopping online nowadays.

    As such, apart from looking for the best Shopify theme for SEO purposes, choose one that also improves the mobile version of your site. Focus on speed and design. Your theme should enable you to adjust your website’s dimensions so that it loads quickly and correctly across various devices. Otherwise, your slow-loading pages might look skewed.

    Fast Loading Times

    The best Shopify theme for SEO doesn’t just allow customizability; it also offers speed. Digital buyers have notoriously short attention spans. Research shows that the average modern-day consumer only pays attention for eight seconds. If your web pages take more than a few seconds to load completely, then expect your bounce rates to skyrocket.

    Mobile sites should take no less than two seconds to load. eCommerce shops with dozens of articles, product listings, and AI tools have a bloated script. However, you can trim page size with Shopify themes. Choose lightweight, compact options built to optimize page size and minimize load speed.

    Choosing The Best Shopify Theme For SEO: 8 Factors to Consider

    Auto-Generated Sitemaps

    Sitemaps play a crucial role in page ranking. Google crawl bots typically go through sitemaps to analyze the contents of your website and assess what pages will pop up in specific keyword searches. Most shoppers never see sitemaps, but Google accesses these daily.

    Unfortunately, creating a detailed sitemap requires highly technical web development and coding skills, which new entrepreneurs might not have. Instead of using a poorly made sitemap, have your Shopify theme generate one for you. Find the best Shopify SEO themes that auto-generate sitemaps.

    Customizable Product Pages

    The best Shopify theme for SEO allows you to customize your pages. On-page SEO still ranks among the most effective strategies to improve Google’s SERP ranking and visibility. Tweaking your meta title and description already goes a long way.

    Also, explore themes that give you keyword insights. Google updates its algorithm over eight times a day, for a total of 3,000+ individual changes per annum. You need to keep up with the trending keywords. Bombarding your pages with outdated, saturated keyword phrases yields negligible results on page visibility.

    Search Navigation

    Many eCommerce entrepreneurs overlook the search navigation bar. They focus too much on page speed and design. Single-product landing pages might do well without a search bar, but a full-scale eCommerce shop needs one for navigability. Otherwise, your prospects would have trouble surfing your pages.

    Choose a Shopify theme that has a fast-loading, accurate search bar. Avoid faulty tools that cannot scan the entirety of your website. Also, program it to recognize keyword matches. Site visitors shouldn’t have to input the exact title of the product listing or blog they want to see.

    Language Support

    Merchants targeting global markets, especially non-English-speaking countries, should invest in the best Shopify SEO tool for language support. Get themes that automatically make translation suggestions based on user location. That way, you don’t necessarily have to speak or understand the native language of the country you’re targeting.

    Pro Tip: Web hosting service providers and payment processors that work well in the U.S. don’t always offer the same quality overseas. Choose local servers. Otherwise, you might not be able to maximize the full potential of your language-translating Shopify theme.

    Regular Updates

    Running Shopify themes is not a one-off project. These tools function as long-term solutions to streamline site navigability, improve page visibility, and boost conversion rates. As such, you need a reputable, long-standing theme as well.

    Ideally, your Shopify theme should have frequent updates. The consumer market’s demands change swiftly, and you need a reliable SEO tool to help you keep up with them. Otherwise, the competition will leave you behind. Look for themes with a solid history of promptly fixing bugs, addressing user complaints, and adopting new trends.

    Customer Support

    While website traffic fluctuates at different times of the day, you can expect digital buyers to shop any time. eCommerce stores stay open 24/7. Along with the consistent traffic, expect shoppers to drop messages at random, and most expect a prompt, immediate response — as demanding as it might sound.

    However, you don’t have to respond to all messages yourself. Instead, automate the process with a Shopify theme. Choose an AI system that either redirects messages to a live customer service agent or responds with pre-programmed scripts.

    Overall, look for a reliable Shopify theme that enables you to load pages faster, customize product listings, and support multiple languages. Streamline the customer’s buying experience. Remember: digital buyers have minimal patience, so they’d want to make a purchase as quickly as possible. Delays will only drive visitors away.

    If you have zero web development experience, opt to hire digital marketing pros instead. The cost of a good eCommerce site might seem steep, but the returns are priceless. Navigable website architecture, persuasive copywriting, and eye-catching graphics set your brand apart from the millions of eCommerce shops on the market. A well-made shop consistently generates profit.

    Do you need a primer on incorporating into your eCommerce strategies? Bliss Drive can help. User our comprehensive guide on eCommerce and SEO marketing as a starting point.

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