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    Project Details

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    Displays & Holders started with Bliss Drive since 2011. For almost 7 years, our long-term client has believed in the potential of gaining more leads from SEO. Soon, campaigns were more focused to keywords that will bring in more qualified leads and true enough gains in revenue increased.

    The Challenge

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    We are tasked to position Displays & Holders on vetted spots for high value search terms.

    Another challenge is to increase user engagement with their website. For any website selling products, it is expected of high user engagement or activity since there will be sales questions and customer support involved, which at the time, Displays & Holders could only handle via phone and email.

    Bliss Drive also faced the challenge of handling the client’s eCommerce platform, Adobe Catalyst at the start of the project. It has very limited SEO features and issues with design flexibility such as mobile responsiveness, which at the time was not yet integrated within the platform.



    Displays & Holders already have existing pay per click campaigns which gave us headstart for the high buying intent keywords. Bliss Drive believes in data-driven research

    Combining PPC data with SEO implementation, Bliss Drive collaborated with the client to make sure keyword targets are aligned with their business goals.

    Integrate chat feature to increase user engagement and activity on the website.

    The Results

    Unique purchases climbed up to 400 unique purchases per month from an average of 200 unique purchases from 2012 to 2016.


    Organic Visits:


    Campaign started in November 2011, site was using Adobe Business Catalyst which is very limiting to work with in terms of SEO.

    Organic Traffic growth built up over time, traffic and lead growth took off on an uptrend. With only on its first year, DisplaysAndHolders.com took off at 500% increase in Organic visits

    Chat Engagements

    primo-organic-session chart

    Bliss Drive suggested Chat feature on their site in Aug 2012. Total unique chat events to date: 3,921

    From an average of 80 chat engagements/month from Organic search in 2012, to an average of 200 chats/month in 2017, which means 300% growth in chat engagements in 2017. The first quarter of 2018, they are now averaging at 270 chats/month.

    Annual Revenue

    Displays & Holders grew their revenue to about $600,000 by Sep 2018, which started out at only around $100,000 revenue at year-end of 2012, that’s 450% increase in revenue from when they started.


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