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    What is Healthcare SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (widely known as SEO) is one of the best ways for healthcare professionals or medical centres to reach potential customers. It involves optimizing the content and structural design of your website. When performed properly, SEO enhances your site’s visibility on search engine result pages when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase that is related to medical or healthcare needs.

    The objective of our SEO is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by a higher number of qualified visitors to your web site and build brand identity in healthcare or medical field. Learn about marketing consultant Orange County.

    Our top-rated SEO not only brings your high rankings but also boosts your leads, sales and overall revenue of your healthcare business. We have professional healthcare SEO specialists who will closely analyze your digital marketing campaign and make use of the best practices that will bring you the best results.

    Our SEO is not mapped for short-term results. Instead, we are always focused on long-term goals and we want to make sure that you get the results that you want. If you want to learn more about our healthcare SEO, contact us today.

    Healthcare SEO - Top rated healthcare seo company


     Attract more patients
     Build patient confidence
     Top-ranking search results
     Superior healthcare content creation
     Target keywords tailored to your practice
     Organic traffic and paid search strategies


    In today’s digital age, consumers use technology to research and review their options before evening thinking about reaching out to a company or organization themselves. That principle holds more sway when the product patients are researching for is their health. Especially in an emergency or urgent situation, you don’t want to be ranked fifth for medical options in your area. You want to be number one! Our team is here to help that dream become a reality for your practice.


    For someone using a search engine, typing in your healthcare specialty in your area, what does it take to rank at the top of the results list? Over half of all clicked internet traffic is driven by this type of organic search. Our SEO platforms work to optimize high-quality content for your website, utilizing highly-targeted keywords that clearly communicate to the search engines and patients what specialties you offer and where you offer them. Our search engine marketing will result in more traffic to your website and more leads to future patients. When combined with paid search strategies, your practice will be easily searchable and visible for everyone in need of your services.


    Especially if you are competing with large organizations, you want the brand and reputation of your practice to be crystal clear and leave a strong impression for those researching your healthcare area of expertise. We provide web development services to succinctly communicate why patients should choose your practice for their healthcare needs. This approach leaves a clear, lasting message for your website viewers, and increases the conversion rates of casual searchers to patients in your waiting room.


    Our strategies deliver solutions that will meet the needs of your medical practice across your marketing channels and social media accounts. We employ time-tested techniques and tools backed by case studies and cutting-edge marketing research to optimize your search data. With years of experience, we’ll put your practice in front of the people who need you the most.

    7-Step SEO Process


    With only seven steps, our SEO process is straightforward and easy, but makes a huge difference for the SEO optimization of your healthcare site.


    Our SEO process starts with understanding the needs and goals of your healthcare business, so we can determine the best course for growing your practice.


    We research your healthcare field to discover the strengths you offer over your competitors, and decide on the best strategies for reaching your marketing goals.


    Once a strategy is in place, we break it down into specific milestones to reach for each stage of implementation. Each objective will be plotted on a timeline to ensure our accountability and allow you to track our progress.


    Throughout each stage of your digital marketing strategy, we work to optimize your SEO. In fact, we never stop working to optimize your SEO. We’ll keep your healthcare business ranked at the top of the search engine list for organic traffic.


    We will continually create high quality content containing targeted keywords for your healthcare specialty in your area. Our content is readable, informative, and adds to your healthcare branding efforts.


    We add more authority and legitimacy to your healthcare website by creating guest blogs on high-ranking third party sites. This step is essential to reach more potential patients than working on your site alone can accomplish.


    Once your strategy is in place, we won’t forget about you. Our last step is ongoing as we will continuously review, analyze, and make changes to keep your healthcare practice at the top of the pack.

    Addressing Your Needs


    We’re proud of our work in the healthcare industry, and we know what it takes to consistently rank at the top of the field. We’ll conduct marketing research and provide custom data-based recommendations for the SEO of your healthcare business. In addition, we’ll continually reassess your content to make sure that your practice maintains maximum exposure.


    Unlike other types of work, successful healthcare SEO must consider the emotional needs and time constraints of their marketing strategies. Search engine users looking for the best urgent care in their area may not be as thoroughly logical in reaching their decision, or may be able to internalize only a few sentences on the top healthcare options. Our team keeps in mind the delicate nature that healthcare SEO presents while working on high quality content creation for your healthcare business.


    Your future patients searching for your practice will find you by a matchup of keyword specialties. That’s why determining the keywords for your specific business in your specific area is so important. Our goal is to create relevant content that targets organic traffic to your website, which then communicates clearly why your healthcare options are the best in the area.


    A great website layout with modern finishes will go a long way to legitimizing your healthcare business. Our digital marketing team will ensure your website is on par with the quality of services you offer by reviewing and optimizing content, removing duplicate content, and making sure all links are active throughout every page of your website and connected with high authority sites. These strategies make sure your website viewers are getting the best experience possible while reading about your healthcare business.


    Especially if you’re in a fast-moving healthcare field, we want to make sure your website visitors know your strengths right away. That’s why we work to optimize your website’s flow and content, starting with succinct communication of what you offer and where you offer it, and why your healthcare specialties are the best choice for their needs.


    We also employ large scale marketing strategies to increase traffic to your website through cross-linking and cross-promotion. We create guest blog posts on high-ranking third party websites that contain links and promotional statements to your healthcare practice. These techniques help to raise awareness and legitimize your healthcare business.


    Our goal is to create and maintain a strong relationship with your business and serve your digital marketing needs for years to come. We will regularly implement these improvements to your healthcare website:

     Reassess the patient’s needs
     Create original, fresh content
     Reanalyze SEO optimization

    In order to remain a top search result for your healthcare specialty in your area, it’s important to stay relevant to your audience and update content often. We know that can be challenging, and that’s why we’re here to help.

    Our Healthcare SEO & Digital Marketing Clients Get Results

    At Bliss Drive, we are all about driving you results for your business. We believe that a successful SEO and online marketing campaign is defined by how well we can bring the desired results.

    This includes increasing the number of leads that you get on a daily basis, improving your overall sales using various CRO techniques and looking at the overall marketing strategy to help your business stay ahead of its competition.

    You can check out our case studies and see how our clients were able to double and even triple their leads and sales after working with us.

    Our company treats every client as if were our first one. We keep 100% transparency with our digital marketing clients and provide them with monthly reports that contain different stats and figures like traffic, leads, sales and revenue.

    Moreover, our reports also keep you updated about the future goals, deliverables and action plan that our team has planned for you.

    Ready to Grow Your Business With SEO & Digital Marketing Services?

    Majority of the SEO and digital marketing companies are just focused on stats such as number of visitors on the website, page speed, number of words on your website, etc. No doubt these things are important but what they miss out on is that businesses want their numbers to go up.

    They want more leads, sales and revenue. Businesses don't care if they are getting thousands of visitors per day with very little to no conversions.

    When you partner up with our company, we make sure that not only does your website performs exceptionally well and gets loads of laser targeted traffic, we also ensure that it meets its ultimate goals which is increased number of leads and an overall revenue boost. This is the reason why our clients love what we do and they stick with us.

    Our SEO experts always stay up to date with the latest industry knowledge and changes, and they map out your digital marketing campaign to help you drive maximum results and get a high ROI.

    Click here to get a free proposal for your healthcare business's digital marketing campaign.

    SEO & Digital Marketing Services for the Healthcare Industry

    Custom Online Marketing Solutions for Improved Branding and Customer Service

    Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    Healthcare centres are location-oriented. They need maximum exposure to reach the residents in a specific locality. For this purpose, a hospital, clinic, dispensary, pharmacy and tertiary healthcare centres must be optimized accordingly.

    Our digital marketing company ensures bringing your healthcare centre under the spotlight. Our digital marketing specialists take a detailed view of the services, faculty and infrastructure. From here on we employ SEO techniques which bring your name on the top.

    Web Design and Development

    SEO in the healthcare industry is all about healthcare centres and patients. In the time of need, patients and the families look for easy and compatible information about a hospital. From services to fee structure everything is the main concern.

    This is where web design and development come into action. We provide well-built web designs which are easy to follow and understand by the users. Here, user experience is important. If a website is crammed with too much information, it becomes difficult for the user to follow it properly. The way of presenting the information in a sophisticated manner is an art itself. That makes us an artist.

    Social Media Marketing

    Healthcare centres need time to earn respect, confidence and loyalty of people. Health is a sensitive matter which does not tolerate any compromise. To build a strong bond between the users and hospitals, it is necessary to have a sound marketing campaign.

    Marketing campaigns for healthcare centres are tricky. Unlike, fashion houses and industrial setups healthcare centres’ campaigns require more thorough insight and brainstorming. We pick well-populated social media platforms for SEO marketing of healthcare industry. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been providing us with the most worthy results.

    Online Reputation Management

    It is wise to stay ready and alert for the negativity from the receiving end. A business is incomplete without some negative comments! However thanks to the digital marketing insight which formulated a way to stay alert to detect and control any incoming negativity.

    During digital marketing campaigns, it is possible to receive hatred. To respond to those unwelcomed reviews, responses, messages and comments online reputation management comes into action. ORM serves as a shield.

    Content Writing

    Content writing is one of the oldest ways to market a business. This old but efficient and proven way to marketing and optimization has achieved massive respect in the digital marketing era.

    Today, it is still important to write perfectly string words after with keywords embedded smartly. SEO for the healthcare industry also relies on content writing to a considerable extent.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Home page, pricing page, blogs, landing page and every page of your healthcare website is CRO oriented. We provide your website with an engaging layout and design which compels the users to get involved and reach your desired conversion.

    From form filling to participating in a survey or maybe a quick BMI check and other similar features help your healthcare website gain exposure and engagement.

    Why Choose Bliss Drive As Your Healthcare Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Company

    We Offer Flexible and Affordable Digital Marketing Service!

    Some of the reasons to choose us over other SEO healthcare providers include:

    Digital Marketing Professionals

    Our team is the number one reason to choose our firm over other SEO companies. Our healthcare SEO experts are experienced in healthcare marketing and will provide you with the best results and service possible. 

    360-Degree Online Marketing Approach

    We follow a well-rounded approach to our healthcare marketing plan and analyze each aspect of the sales funnel to ensure there is no friction in your conversion goals. 

    Years of Expertise

    With more than 50 years of combined industry experience, we are the best online marketing team with long-term results to prove. 

    Latest Marketing Tools

    We are equipped with the latest marketing tools and industry knowledge to help you excel in your advertising goals in the most efficient way possible. 

    Scalable Service

    There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ method when you partner with us at Bliss Drive. We offer customized strategies to all our healthcare clients and scale our service according to the requirements. 

    Measurable Results

    Unlike other internet marketing companies, Bliss Drive chooses to be transparent and offers detailed reporting every step of the way. You can also check your progress via the online dashboard and take a data-backed insight into your marketing strategy. 

    We Are On Track To Becoming The Top SEO Digital Marketing Agency in the Healthcare Industry

    We are a full-service digital marketing agency that can get you proven results in no time. Contact us today and find out more about our healthcare SEO services.

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