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Every new business looks for gaining consumer trust and building a good reputation for itself.  What can be a better way for doing this than joining Better Business Bureau (BBB), a national organization, which has been developed exclusively to monitor as well as report on the companies’ business practices.   BBB has local offices all over the United States. Consumers consider Better Business Bureau as a watchdog to business practices of different companies. Entrepreneurs widely join BBB to win the trust and goodwill of consumers.

BBB offers numerous incentives and benefits to businesses that are registered with it. In fact, its credibility and solid reputation make it the most sought after organization which every business owner wants to be associated with. If you are new in the business or looking for more business, joining BBB is a good proposition for its numerous benefits.

To join Better Business Bureau, you need to submit an application with the BBB office. You can find a Better Business Bureau office nearest to your location by visiting the BBB website at or you can visit the national site at, which has many useful and relevant information for both consumers as well as businesses. Your application is screened to find out if you are suitable for the accreditation. Once accepted you get the accreditation and the annual accreditation fess depends upon the size of your company. Joining BBB pays for itself. You may not know how many customers you get because of accreditation, but just one business transaction could more than compensate your entire annual accreditation fees.

Benefits you get by joining BBB

  • High search engine rating: Your company’s website will be listed in its directory and this will give you strong “link juice” which will improve your search engine results and rankings.
  • Favorable first impression: BBB seal on the main page of your website will give a lot of confidence to your potential customers that they are dealing with a reliable company. It definitely creates a favorable first impression of your business for your potential customers.
  • More business: It has been estimated that about 70% of the consumers prefer to do businesses with those companies who have a BBB accreditation. This way you stand a chance to widen your customer base by joining BBB.
  • Smoothly solves business customer disputes: The Better Business Bureau can also help you settle all your business-customer disputes smoothly and quickly, without even your physical presence.
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