eCommerce 101: We Explain How eCommerce Works

eCommerce 101: We Explain How eCommerce Works

The process of purchasing and merchandising goods and services, making payments, and sending data over an electronic medium such as the internet is known as electronic commerce or eCommerce. This network enables people to conduct business regardless of distance or time.

eCommerce operates on the same principles as a traditional brick-and-mortar store. On a larger scale, the entire eCommerce process can be divided into three major components or work processes:

Taking Orders

This is the first step, in which customers place orders via the eCommerce platform (website, app, or online portal) and the seller records them.

Order Processing 

The second step involves processing and completing all of the details of the order. Once this is done, the product will be ready for shipment.


The final stage is when the delivery process is carried out. To ensure timely delivery to the customer, all logistics components play an important role in this step.

To complete these steps, three completely different systems must be combined: a web server that can manage an online storefront and process transactions, a database system that can keep track of what the shop has available, and a dispatch system linked to a warehouse where the products are instantly located and sent to the client as soon as possible.

If you get the fundamentals right and run your eCommerce business correctly, you will undoubtedly profit. Always keep in mind that proper business planning and implementation are the keys to a profitable online store.

To make the most out of your eCommerce business, you need to enhance your online visibility.

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Richard Fong is a highly experienced and successful internet marketer, known for founding Bliss Drive. With over 20 years of online experience, he has earned a prestigious black belt in internet marketing. Richard leads a dedicated team of professionals and prioritizes personalized service, delivering on his promises and providing efficient and affordable solutions to his clients.
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