How Does Wix eCommerce Work?

How Does Wix eCommerce Work?

Wix eCommerce is a feature-rich website builder that allows you to be creative with your brand and storefront design. This builder is ideal for anyone looking to create a well-rounded and efficient online store by combining intuitive editing tools with eCommerce functionality.

What It Does

Wix eCommerce uses the same easy and intuitive drag-and-drop editor that Wix users have come to love. It enables you to build your very own eCommerce website without having to touch a single line of code. All you have to do is pick your template, drag and drop elements around your pages, and then hit publish to launch your very own eCommerce store!

The comprehensive system includes nearly everything you need to get your products flying off the shelf. There are a plethora of advanced business features that give you the ability to run and grow your online business — a perk that doesn’t come easy with regular website builders.

What You Can Sell

There is no limit to what you can sell on a Wix eCommerce website. It has you covered whether you're looking for a way to deliver digital goods, food products, fashion items, or even services. 

Product management can also be facilitated by Wix eCommerce. The Wix store’s application allows you to manage your inventory and track your products with ease.  It also provides options for managing your shipping through integrations with other apps. If necessary, you can even connect your online store to dropshipping solutions.

How It Helps Promote Your Site

Wix eCommerce's SEO solutions can assist you in strengthening your web presence. You have the advantage of knowing that your site is automatically mobile optimized and that you have several options for customizing your pages to include keywords.

Overall, Wix eCommerce is a great website builder that lets business owners create fantastic eCommerce websites with ease. Although its features come with some SEO benefits, it’s still best to get a full-service digital marketing agency to promote your Wix eCommerce website. 

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