How Much Does Wix eCommerce Cost?

How Much Does Wix eCommerce Cost?

For business owners looking to create a new website or switch to Wix, one area of concern may be how much creating an eCommerce website costs. Generally, costs can range between $5,000 to more than $100,000 if you’re looking for assistance from professionals. However, there are more affordable options if you have a limited budget. 

If you don’t have a domain name and are okay with Wix branding, they have a free plan. Their paid pricing options cost between $23 and $500 per month for access to eCommerce features. 

Wix Pricing Plans 

Each Wix pricing tier comes with its own set of features:

  • Free: For those on a smaller budget, Wix’s free plan gives you access to plenty of Wix templates, but lacks the ability to create a custom domain name. It also includes user ads.
  • Combo: At $14 per month, you gain access to a custom domain name and an ad-free website, making it a good option for smaller businesses.
  • Unlimited: At $18 per month, you’ll be able to have a 10GB storage space and increased bandwidth, which is suited for graphics-heavy websites
  • Pro: At $23 per month you’ll have 20GB of storage and a custom logo
  • VIP: At $39 per month, you’ll gain access to priority custom support

However, eCommerce stores will need their business plans to accept payments and benefit from other useful features. 

  • Business Basic: At $23 per month, you’ll be able to accept online payments and have 20GB of storage
  • Business Unlimited: At $27 per month, you’ll have automated sales tax, currency conversion, and 35GB of storage
  • Business VIP: At $49 per month you’ll have priority support and unlimited video hours 

Ultimately, the best Wix plan depends on your budget and must-have features. Those just starting out will most likely be satisfied with the Business Basic plan, while those looking for more advanced features will appreciate Business Unlimited and VIP.

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