How To Structure An eCommerce Site For SEO

How To Effectively Structure An eCommerce Website For SEO

Website structure (or website architecture) refers to how you organize your website navigation and lay your web pages out. eCommerce websites typically have a large number of pages so it is critical to have a solid structure in place in order to help users find what they are looking for with the fewest number of clicks. Here’s how to structure your website to make it optimized for search engines:

Create A Concise Hierarchical Structure

A hierarchical structure is ideal for an eCommerce website. Your home page should be at the top of the hierarchy, with two or three levels below it before reaching the bottom of the hierarchy — your product pages. 

The best way to decide how to construct your structure is to consider the results of your keyword research process. Not only is keyword research necessary for optimizing your titles and descriptions, but it can also provide you with ideas for how to structure your website.

Make A Simple Menu That Mirrors The Site's Structure

To keep the shopping experience user-friendly, the navigation should reflect the structure. If you use the proper structure, your navigation will be easy to understand and follow. Avoid adding unnecessary pages to the menu or creating fly-out submenus. As a general rule, each page on your website should be accessible in no more than three clicks from the homepage.

Add A Visible User Sitemap

It's always a good idea to create a user sitemap page for any type of website. The user sitemap is not the same as the XML sitemap that is submitted to search engines. Effective user sitemaps display all of a website's important categories and subcategories on a single page, making it easy for users to find what they're looking for. The user sitemap can also be added as a footer option for easy access. When considering how to rank an eCommerce site in Google, optimizing your site structure, improving page load speed, and providing a user-friendly experience, including features like a user sitemap, can all contribute to higher search engine rankings and increased visibility in search results. For those looking to build a Membership eCommerce Website with a focus on SEO, explore our comprehensive guide on building an optimized and user-friendly membership site.

Once you have a solid blueprint, it’s time to build your eCommerce website! Check out Bliss Drive’s web design and development services to create a strategically SEO-focused website by collaborating with industry experts. Additionally, ensure compliance with online sales tax regulations for eCommerce by exploring suitable programs to manage your tax responsibilities.

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