What Is A Good Bounce Rate For eCommerce?

What Is A Good Bounce Rate For eCommerce?

A bounce rate is a web analytics metric that calculates the percentage of visitors who view a single page on a website and then leave without engaging with the rest of the site.

A bounce on an eCommerce website indicates that a customer did not make a purchase. According to data from CXL, the average eCommerce bounce rate is somewhere between 20% and 4%, with bounce rates less than 20% considered exceptional. 

Context Matters

It's not easy to analyze bounce rates. A high bounce rate does not guarantee a sales decline, just as a low bounce rate does not guarantee an increase in sales. It is critical to remember how your customers act and behave once they arrive at your website. The context of their visit is also important. You must inquire as to why they are shopping with you in the first place.

While the bounce rate is a critical factor when it comes to general SEO, it might not be a reliable measure of success for your eCommerce business. 

Prioritization is Key

Once you find out the context of your bounce rate, focus on visitors who legitimately bounce without a valuable level of engagement. This will help you see which products and landing pages need more optimization.

Prioritization is essential. Don't simply begin with the pages with the highest bounce rates. Pages with lower bounce rates, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. Prioritize instead based on how those bounce rates affect your revenue.

Expertise Guarantees Results

With all the work that you're doing to manage and improve your products, services, and staff, it might be difficult to focus on something as complex and context-driven as your eCommerce website's SEO. In order to maintain a strong online presence while managing your business, it is important to get SEO services from people who work as hard as you do.
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