When Did eCommerce Begin?

When Did eCommerce Begin?

eCommerce was introduced more than 40 years ago when early technology such as Electronic Data Interchange and teleshopping paved the way for the modern-day online shop as we know it. Since its genesis in the 1970s, eCommerce has assisted countless businesses in growing through the use of new technologies, advancements in internet connectivity, and increased security through payment gateways.

The eCommerce Timeline:

1969: CompuServe is founded

1979: Michael Aldrich invents electronic shopping

1982: Boston Computer Exchange, the first online eCommerce store, launches

1992: Book Stacks Unlimited launches as the first online bookstore

1994: Netscape Navigator creates as a web browser

1995: Amazon is launched

1998: PayPal launches as an eCommerce payment system

1999: Alibaba is launched

2000: Google introduces Google AdWords 

2004: Shopify is launched

2005: Amazon introduces Amazon Prime 

2005: Etsy is launched

2009: BigCommerce is launched

2011: Google Wallet is introduced as a digital payment method

2011: Facebook launches sponsored stories as a form of advertising

2011: Stripe is launched

2014: Apple Pay is introduced as a mobile payment method

2017: Shoppable Instagram is introduced

2020: COVID-19 drives rapid eCommerce growth

Since the founding of CompuServe in 1969, eCommerce has come a very long way. Changes in technology, as well as global circumstances, have undoubtedly fueled its growth. 

The Future of eCommerce

eCommerce sales are gaining a larger share of the retail market, and the potential for growth is even greater when we consider the quantity and speed of technological advancements and societal digital transformation.

Physical establishments have to consider this and create a structure to transition their businesses from an offline to an online platform. If they do not have an online presence, they will lose many customers who want to make quick, easy, and convenient purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

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