Why Internal Linking Is Important For eCommerce SEO

Why Internal Linking Is Important For eCommerce SEO

Internal linking is extremely important for eCommerce stores. With an online storefront, you probably have a slew of product and category pages with varying information. You'll have a much better chance of making a sale if you can show your potential customers where they can easily find more of your content.

In general, internal linking helps your eCommerce website with establishing brand authority, reducing bounce rate, and cultivating great user experience. Read on to learn more about internal linking. 

What is internal linking?

Google crawls every website and finds all products and pages through a website's XML sitemap and through internal links. Internal linking is when you link from one page on your website to another page on your website, such as linking to the blog page from a category page and so on.

How does internal linking increase sales?

While external link building helps people find you more easily by making you rank higher in search engines, internal links help reduce your bounce rate by keeping people within your website. When a visitor clicks out of your website immediately after looking at one page, the opportunity to make a sale disappears.

Excellent products and engaging content go hand in hand when it comes to generating more sales. Internal links encourage people to explore related and helpful content within your website. Not only does this make your brand more reliable and trustworthy, it also increases the chances that people will make a purchase from your site. 

How much does internal linking affect your SEO?

Some of your pages have a higher level of link popularity than others. Simply put, more external sites will link to them as an authority source or valuable resource. This category frequently includes your homepage, blog articles, and landing pages.  

This measure of credibility is sometimes referred to as link juice. You can spread that link juice all over your website by linking your less popular pages to those you own that are already highly regarded by search engines.
While internal linking is an excellent addition to your SEO strategy, you still need to engage in off-page optimization. Check out Bliss Drive’s link building services to reap the benefits of internal linking and strategic link building in one convenient package today.

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