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    Boost Conversions with Expert Insight Into Your Industry

    To get ahead of the competition, you need to not only understand your industry but also how to leverage insights. Industry analysis is an important part of the market assessment. It helps to get a sense of what’s happening in your realm of business – from technological changes to the influence of external and unknown factors. 

    Industry analysis allows businesses to identify opportunities while giving them an idea about the future of the industry. Understanding the differences between your company and your competitors and leveraging that information is the key to survival and continuous expansion in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. Industry analysis, for an entrepreneur or a company, is a method that helps it to understand its position relative to other participants in the industry.

    What are Industry Trends?

    Industry trends are patterns that occur within a specific industry. Trends occur in all types of markets, and can provide companies with data that gives them valuable foresight. Trends may relate to pricing, cost, consumer purchasing, marketing, sales, and several other vital areas of a business. Patterns can become apparent over short periods of time such as hours or days, and also longer periods like months or years.

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    Importance of Industry Analysis and Research

    In order to foresee how your business will perform in the future, you must first know the different aspects of the industry and how they rank in terms of importance.

    Conducting a detailed industry analysis provides business owners with the data required for making crucial decisions for today, and is essential to evaluating future performance and value of a company.

    Compiling data relating to industry trends can be valuable to any business. Having a firm grasp of consumer behavior can also aid in the decision-making process regarding the internal structure of a company, such as the allocation of funds for marketing purposes.

    Our Steps for Conducting Thorough Industry Analysis

    Gathering Data

    4 Steps in Starting your Industry Analysis

    Gathering data is always the first place to start industry analysis because it provides us with a starting point from which our analysis will be made. Our data gathering process includes:
     Creating a list of competitors
     Discovering where your business sits within the industry
     Determining what kind of information needs to be compiled
     Goals of the industry analysis

    Competitor Research

    Finding The Right Competitors for Industry Analysis

    To understand where your business stands, it’s important to analyze and monitor your competitors. Industry analysis and research include a look into their website model and their SEO performance to determine what’s working in your industry and what isn’t. We also take the time to understand their backlink profiles and compare them to yours. This information helps us identify the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses in your industry, making it possible to formulate a plan that allows you to outperform them. 
    Competitive analysis is a foundation for SEO strategy to discover:

     Which keywords your competitors already rank for
     How often your competitors post SEO content
     Sites that link to your competitors
     Which content ranks best and attracts the most links

    Industry analysis identifies both the opportunities and threats coming their way and gives them a strong idea of the present and future scenario of the industry.

    Competitive Data Analysis

    In industry analysis, the better you understand your competitors, the higher the chance you can formulate a strategy to beat them. Competitive industry analysis will provide us with a range of metrics to help determine the best course of action for improving your conversion rates and boosting your sales. Some of this data will consist of:

     How your competitor’s content is performing
     What kind of Call to Action is most successful in the industry
     Which types of content perform the best
     Demographics of your industry competitor’s market

    Having insight into the success or failures of their strategy will show us what works and what doesn’t in your industry. 

    Evaluating the Client's Position

    We evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to identify your place in the market and to provide the best strategies for capitalization. Knowing where you stand will lay the foundation for our efforts so that we build upon a solid marketing strategy.

    Call Bliss Drive today to drive sales and develop a market strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

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