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    The city of Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange, and the government is one of the major employers. The city relies heavily on tourism as its major industry. The downtown district was redeveloped, thanks to the city’s ability to be the recipient of California’s biggest commercial loan program. Ten new financial buildings and the Civic Center were part of the redevelopment project.

    Residents of Santa Ana are the perfect audience for your next marketing campaign. The diverse population in an area that is rich in varied activities offers an opportunity for new customers in almost every type of online business. If your business is not already targeting the people who live in the area, you’re missing out on sales. With every delay, you’re also missing out on the referrals that you could be getting from the new satisfied customers who have discovered your business through a marketing strategy aimed at the residents of Santa Ana.

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    Bliss Drive is an Orange County Digital marketing company providing unique services that gets a company well known creating distinctly unique selling positions that separate you from your competition. We apply new school marketing strategies to drive more potential customers to your site through our Santa Ana SEO experts..

    We help businesses in Santa Ana, CA grow just as the area has grown. About 4.8 million people live in the area and have been living here for more than 9,000 years. This is due to the huge watershed created by the Santa Ana River that covers 2.650 square miles through four counties including Orange County. The main part of the river directly flows through three counties while some tributaries drain parts of Los Angeles County into Santa Ana.

    The city of Santa Ana is part of the larger Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana Metropolitan Area that is the second largest population area in the U.S. as home to 13 million people. Can you believe it – 13 million people? One of its most fascinating attractions is the Santa Ana Zoo housing monkeys from Central and South America. Since the 80s, a great deal of focus has been placed on revitalizing the historic downtown.

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