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    Huntington Beach CA, also known the world over as Surf City, is known for its 3.5-mile stretch of pristine shoreline. So well-known is the city for its beaches and surf that it welcomes more than 8 million visitors each year. In addition to that, the city’s estimated 189,707 residents and is a hotbed of business activity.

    With a fairly well-educated workforce (25.38% have bachelor’s degrees, 9.14% have graduate degrees, 9.51% have associate degrees and 26.39% have some college), Huntington Beach has a labor for of 122,700 and only a 6.1% unemployment rate. Here are the digital marketing firms in Orange County.

    Orange County SEO

    Businesses that provide employment in Huntington Beach include the following major employers; The Boeing Company, Quiksilver, Cambro Manufacturing, Verizon, Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa, C & D Aerospace, Huntington Beach Hospital, Fisher & Paykel, Rainbow Environmental Services, Home Depot USA, Huntington Valley Healthcare, Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort, Cleveland Golf and Walmart.

    Top industries in the city include sales (14.35%), management (13.73%), and office/administrative support (13.37%). That’s a lot of surf shops!

    Dating back to the mid-1700s, Huntington Beach has a storied past. Incorporated into a city in 1909, the city began to grow in the 1920s as the result of an oil boom. Since then the city has been dominated by the surfing industry.

    The area has long since been dubbed one of the all-time great venues for surfing. Of course, this Northern Orange County town is known for a wide range of other pursuits. In addition to being a vacation resort, it is a quiet little town that embodies all that is Orange County culture.

    And of course, there are a great many small businesses which are based out of Huntington Beach. Regardless of whether or not these businesses are brick and mortar establishments, an online presence is a must in order for any level of success to be attained. To attain such success, it is not recommended that you muddle through social media services, website design, and Huntington Beach SEO strategies if you are a novice in the process.

    Why Choose Our Huntington SEO Services?

    At Bliss Drive, we are all about driving high-quality and measurable results on a consistent basis. Our SEO Huntington services can help your local business drastically grow its organic traffic, leading to more leads, sales and overall yearly revenue. Our search engine optimization experts can help you achieve your long-term business goals, no matter what industry your business operates in.

    Our Huntington SEO & Digital Marketing Clients Get Results

    We are a Huntington beach SEO company with a proven track record of successful online marketing strategies for small businesses and enterprises alike. We use professional search engine optimization techniques that are customized specifically for your local SEO needs.

    But don’t take our word for it! Let our clients tell you what makes us the best in the industry. 

    Hear their success stories with Bliss Drive from them!

    Ready to Grow Your Business With Huntington SEO & Digital Marketing Services? 

    We are a reliable agency that provides result-oriented services. If you are also looking for an SEO and digital marketing company in Hunting Beach, CA – search no more! And contact us for a free quote today.                                                                                        

    Huntington SEO &  Digital Marketing Services 

    Custom Online Marketing Solutions for Improved Branding and Customer Service!

    Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    In today’s competitive world, having a great website is not enough. You need to be available when the potential customer searches online. And that too on the first page of search engine results. 

    Search engine optimization SEO is the technique of improving your website to increase its visibility in the online world. Through white hat methods, extensive keyword research, expert placement, we can create effective solutions that will improve your online visibility and keep you available when the potential customer is searching. 

    We are a reputable search engine optimization company based in California. We have a team of SEO experts who will design a customized solution for your unique online marketing needs. Find out more about our team and company providing SEO services here

    Web Design Development

    We create an innovative and user-centric customer experience. 

    A website is the first interaction a potential customer has with your Huntington business. And you want to make sure you make the best first impression. This is where we come in. 

    With years of experience, we create websites that are both – functional and attractive. We boast a team of super-talented web design experts that look after the creation of your website for personal and professional projects. We have the latest industry knowledge and create websites that are responsive and according to the latest design trends. 

    Social Media Marketing

    More than 3.8 billion people use social media today. This means your potential customer is most probably already on the leading social network – looking for you. 

    In today’s digital age, businesses need to be more visible on social media if they want to drive more organic traffic through their doors in Huntington Beach, CA. And our highly talented social media managers can help you with social media management strategies that are productive and highly effective. 

    Get in touch with us today to find out what makes our social media management strategies different from others. 

    Pay-Per-Click Management

    PPC marketing is all about putting an online advertisement that reaches the viewers at the same time they are actively searching for a product/service similar to yours. However, to excel in this area you need an expert to tell you where to place these ads and how to gain maximum attention. 

    This is where Bliss Drive’s PPC management service comes in. We are experts in pay-per-click marketing and can help you with all the essential techniques. Contact us for a detailed consultation of over pay-per-click marketing and Huntington SEO services

    Online Reputation Management

    Huntington Beach reputation management service is affordable and efficient. No matter what the problem is, we will help you regain your reputation in the online world and promote your business in a positive manner. 

    Our approach to online reputation management is comprehensive. We work alongside you in developing a credible reputation across all virtual channels including social media, websites, blogs, review sites, press releases, etc. We do a full site audit as well to ensure your business website appears at the top of the Huntington search results page. 

    Give us a call on 949-229-3454 to find out more about our service. 

    Content Writing

    Did you know:

    Simply put, quality content in your website copy gives your audience a reason to interact with your business. That’s why with Bliss Drive, you get content that is optimized for both – the search engines and the audience.

    Boasting an experienced team of writers and editors, we are proficient in producing optimized quality content. And will provide you with content that is specifically tailored for your website. 

    Get started now with a free quote. Call us on 949-229-3454 for any questions you may have or contact us for a proposal. 

    Video Production

    “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin

    The beauty of video is that it gives us a broader canvas to work with. Instead of lengthy texts, a short explainer video can work wonders in educating the audience about a particular product/service. Consumers also enjoy videos because they are easy to digest and entertaining. 

    Interested in video marketing? But don’t know where to start! Let us help you!

    Bliss Drive provides a full range of video production services to attract your online audience and enhance brand awareness. We are a full-service video production team and will transform your brand into a ‘wow’ story. 

    Get in touch with us for more information. 

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Get more qualified leads based on real time data and analytics. We are seasoned conversion rate optimization experts in Huntington Beach, CA and use the latest tools and methodologies to understand online behavior. With this knowledge, we implement the best solutions to generate more site visitors and revert them into paying customers.

    Learn more about our conversion rate optimization service or give us a call to find out more about our SEO service cost.  

    Amazon Marketing Services

    With over 200 million people visiting the Amazon.com website each month, the eCommerce marketplace is a goldmine for vendors looking to establish an online store. However, Amazon is also saturated with sellers and making a name in the bustling marketplace is a challenge on its own. 

    But we can help!

    Make your Amazon product listing more visible with the assistance of our Huntington Beach digital marketing experts. Our eCommerce experts are professionals in handling Amazon marketing campaigns and will help grow your business in a way that it stands out and surpasses the competition. 

    Why Choose Bliss Drive As Your Huntington SEO & Digital Marketing Company

    We Offer Flexible and Affordable Digital Marketing Services!

    In today’s competitive world, it’s not enough to partner with just any digital firm. You want a company that understands your business along with the changing landscape of the digital world. Not everyone gets that right! But we do! Here are just some reasons how: 

    Digital Marketing Professionals

    Our team is the number one reason for choosing our online marketing company over others. In fact, our success was not possible without their dedication, expertise, and proactiveness that they bring to each project. 

    Get to Know Us!

    360-Degree Online Marketing Approach

    We follow a 360-degree approach that leaves no gap in your marketing strategy for friction. We take care of all your online advertising from SEO and PPC to website design and social media marketing – we take care of all, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business. 

    Years of Expertise

    With a combined industry experience of 50 years, we are a reliable Huntington Beach company with a proven track record. Over the years, we have helped Huntington businesses of all sizes and niche establish credible online presence and outrank competition. We can take your business to the next level too! Just give us a call at tel:949-229-3454 to get started on your marketing campaign. 

    Latest Marketing Tools

    We are equipped with the latest marketing tools and industry knowledge to assure your business receives quality service that outranks competitors. We are the best in the industry and will go an extra mile to ensure your campaign is on the right track. 

    Scalable Service

    The ‘cookie-cutter’ method is not applicable to the unique business of yours. Every business in Huntington Beach is different. This is why we offer flexible and scalable service to each client that is customized specifically for their brand. 

    Measurable Results

    We are not about repeating meaningless numbers and figures. We want to deliver results for our partners, without being obscure. This is why each of our projects is conducted with data-driven insights. We want our clients to understand how we achieve their goals and show them the same with detailed, real-time reports and analysis. 

    We Are On Track To Becoming The Top SEO Digital Marketing Agency in Huntington

    With us by your side, you can get the assurance that you are in the right hands. We have worked with a number of clients in Huntington and successfully provided them with full online marketing services. 

    You too can join in: Just give us a call 949-229-3454 for a free proposal. 

    Bliss Drive Office

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