How Does Squarespace eCommerce Calculate Sales Tax?

How Does Squarespace eCommerce Calculate Sales Tax

Squarespace is one of the world’s leading website builders in the eCommerce industry — and for good reason! It gives you access to a multitude of tools that let you create an online store with little to no web development experience.

To calculate sales tax automatically within Squarespace, all you have to do is use the TaxJar extension. It calculates sales tax at checkout based on your customer’s shipping or billing address and generates tax rates depending on states, counties, cities, and zip codes, using real-time sales tax data. 

To connect the TaxJar extension to your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click Commerce and click Taxes in the home menu.
  2. Connect the extension by clicking Connect.
  3. Choose the website you'd like to connect to, then click Allow.
  4. Enter your information in the TaxJar window, then click Create Account
  5. If you have an existing TaxJar account, simply enter your information, then click Create Account. A link will appear at the top of the page. Click the link then log in with your TaxJar account details.

After you've created your TaxJar account, add your registered states where you'll charge sales tax to TaxJar.

  1. Click Add State Registrations.
  2. Select a state from the State drop-down menu under Nexus states and fill out the remaining fields on the page.
  3. Click Save Information.
  4. If you want to add more states, click Add state. Repeat these steps for each state where you intend to collect sales tax.
  5. Return to the Taxes panel.

Once you're done with those steps, the order total will be automatically updated on checkout to include the sales tax. 

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