How To Find Out What eCommerce Platform A Site Is Using

How To Find Out What eCommerce Platform A Site Is Using

Building an eCommerce website requires a lot of research. That includes determining which platforms your competitors are using. Luckily there are tools and tricks that can provide you with an adequate understanding of how an online store is built.


BuiltWith can tell you which eCommerce and shopping cart technologies a store is using. It also gives you a variety of other results describing how the website was built. You also find useful information such as which apps and widgets a store is using for advertising, analytics, and other purposes.


If you're not keen on entering URLs into a website's search bar, you can use Wappalyzer instead. It's a browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that displays an icon next to the address bar that tells you the platform on which a website is running on. That and additional information will be displayed in a snazzy drop-down with just one click.

Inspect Element

To access the source code, right-click on your browser and select 'Inspect Element.' The file extensions and URLs in the source code can reveal the platform on which the website is built. For example, if you search the code for wp-content, you can be certain that the website was built with WordPress. Similarly, if you come across Shopify.theme, it was created with Shopify.

Although it pays to know which platforms other eCommerce sites are using, it’s still best to do your research to find out which one will work best for your business. An SEO-friendly eCommerce platform is a good starting point. For maximum results, however, it’s best to pick a website platform that suits your other needs and invest in professional SEO services.

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