How To Get A Trust Badge On Your eCommerce Site

How To Get A Trust Badge On Your eCommerce Site

On an eCommerce site, a trust badge is a symbol that indicates the site is secure and trustworthy. The badge may display security-related badges that reassure customers about the safety of their transactions. Other types of trust badges include those that inform customers about the product's quality. 

Such badges allow you to establish trust without the shopper having to look for information about the quality or safety of your store. Here’s how to get each type of badge:

Guaranteed Safe Checkout Badges

While there are free safe checkout badge PNGs that you can simply place on your website, genuine safe checkout badges are not free. With these, you pay a third-party company to check the credibility and security of your website on a regular and continuous basis.

You can choose which safe checkout badge to use based on your online store and your goals. Whether it's a Shopify security badge, a Norton trust seal, a PayPal badge, or an SSL badge, make sure the trust badge PNG image is from a reliable source. Not to mention, make sure that your store actually provides the security it boasts — otherwise, the badge's purpose is defeated.

Third-Party Endorsement Badges

Third-party endorsements can help build trust in customers who shop at your online store. Google's third-party endorsement badge carries the most weight among many others in the industry. 

Getting one is pretty simple. Customers are sent surveys in which they answer questions about their shopping experience. Following the collection of data, Google awards the store with free trust badges.

Product Trust Badges

Adding product trust badges and labels can help you better inform your customers and build their trust as they browse your product catalogs. Your product trust badges will appear as stickers on top of your product image, making them highly visible to store visitors.

If you're using Shopify, the ModeMagic Product Labels app makes it simple to add product trust badges. Otherwise, all you need to do is upload relevant high-quality PNG badges that can easily be found online. These include the award-winning badge, the vegan badge, the pet-friendly badge, the as-seen-on badge, and others.

Overall, trust badges improve your eCommerce business's credibility. However, keep in mind that a trust badge is only one of several methods for increasing trust in your website. If you truly want to increase conversions, you must implement a solid digital marketing strategy that will enhance your brand’s reputation.

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