How to Increase eCommerce Conversion with SEO

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion with SEO

To increase sales conversions, the process of eCommerce SEO involves optimizing product descriptions, metadata, webpage content, and navigational structure for a better user experience. 

The growth of the eCommerce market is unstoppable, with statistics from Digital Commerce stating that online sales now account for 21% of total retail sales, a huge increase from 16% in 2019. 

Boosting Conversion Rate Optimization with SEO

Conversion rate optimization is vital because it enables businesses to lower their customer acquisition costs by increasing the value of existing visitors and users. 

Improve mobile compatibility

For shoppers to make a purchase, improving the user experience for mobile phones in addition to your desktop website is crucial. This involves aspects like touchscreen readiness, using legible fonts, mobile page speed, and more. Google highlights mobile-friendly pages, so designing a site that fits perfectly on a variety of screen sizes improves visibility. 

Increase website speed

To determine your page loading speed, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights and enter your eCommerce URL. This tool will give you a score along with a series of recommendations you can use to shave seconds off your loading time. The mobile speed test tool from Google can also check your loading speed for mobile phones. 

Simplify website navigation

For an optimal browsing experience, your buyers should be able to move around your site with ease through responsive menus. Conducting an SEO audit can identify any broken links and roadblocks that can cause frustration for potential customers. Addressing these issues can lead to an improvement in SEO and your online store’s conversion rate. 

Create high-quality content

The text on your website matters more than you may think. If your eCommerce store has a blog, it should contain informative and relevant posts related to your specific industry. This will encourage users to spend longer on your website and guide them towards making that purchase. It can also reduce the bounce rate, improving your site’s SEO. 

Use optimized keywords and descriptions

Not all the text on your website is visible to potential customers. However, these description tags (e.g. title tags, meta descriptions, alt text) help search engines point users towards sites that match their search queries. As a result, using relevant keywords can help your retail store stand out from the competition. Tools like SEMrush and Moz can help you get started. 

Build relevant internal and external links 

Using internal links or inserting links in your content that lead to other pages on your website can help search engines identify related content and index your website more efficiently. In addition, adding relevant external links to reputable websites can help search engines determine the popularity of your web page and increase conversion rates. 

Compared to other tactics like paid advertising, SEO improves organic traffic through improvements to your retail store and related pages. For more information, here’s a detailed guide on improving SEO for eCommerce
To make your online store stand out from your competition, seeking the expertise of top eCommerce SEO services can make it more visible on search engine results pages. See how our team can help you grow with SEO by contacting Bliss Drive today.

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