How To Set Up eCommerce With Google Analytics And WooCommerce

How To Set Up eCommerce With Google Analytics And WooCommerce

As opposed to manually installing Google Analytics, the WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin gives you access to a slew of automatic features that will make your life much easier. Price calculations, cart tracking, and a variety of other features are available. 

Start by installing the WooCommerce Google Analytics plugin, get your Google Analytics ID, then finalize your eCommerce settings. Need more help? We’ve elaborated on this in a quick step-by-step below. 

Step 1: Install the WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin

The first step is to get the WooCommerce Google Analytics (Free) plugin from the WooCommerce website. After you've downloaded the plugin, simply upload it from your WooCommerce dashboard and click Install Now. 

Once installed, you can access the WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration Settings from your WooCommerce Dashboard, where you can enter your Google Analytics ID.

Step 2: Fetch Your Google Analytics ID

Open a new tab on your web browser and visit analytics.google.com. Create an account and copy the tracking ID. Keep the Google Analytics tab open and navigate to the WooCommerce tab. Paste your tracking ID into WooCommerce's Google Analytics ID box and then click Save Changes. 

Step 3: Finalize Your eCommerce Settings

Go back to the Google Analytics tab and click on the gear in the bottom left corner of your screen then select Ecommerce Settings. Once you are under Ecommerce Settings, be sure to select Enable eCommerce as well as Enhanced eCommerce Reporting before clicking Save Changes.

Once you’re done with those three easy steps, you will immediately begin to see the benefits of Google Analytics within your WooCommerce store! The next step is to find out what to do with the data. 

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