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While investing in SEO for your business comes with a price, a well-executed SEO campaign could boost your site traffic and produce high-quality leads. Extensive website visibility, engaging content, and the clever use of SEO keywords will contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. Search engines like Google assess websites based on these variables. 

But what is an SEO company? If you find yourself asking, “How do SEO companies work?” or are unsure about what do SEO companies do—don’t worry. Bliss Drive can help! To give readers an excellent starting point, we will elaborate on the services offered by SEO agencies and their relevance to modern-day business owners.

Why SEO Matters

What is an SEO agency, and why should you care about them? SEO optimization is paramount to the success of any marketing strategy. Quality content creation combined with high-ranking keywords will secure a spot for your site on search engines like Google.

An increase in website visibility doesn’t just give your brand bragging rights. If you utilize your site traffic correctly and efficiently approach leads, your business could enjoy a drastic increase in sales. Sending customized promos to past buyers will also increase customer retention rates.

While the numbers sound exciting, not many know how to launch a full-scale SEO campaign. New SMBs already struggle with generating quality leads. Fortunately, this is where SEO experts like Bliss Drive can help. 

Our marketers have the skill and experience to:

  • Completely audit your website
  • Perform extensive content analysis
  • Take over content creation
  • Ultimately put you at the top Google search engine results pages (SERPs)

Leave your marketing campaign to the pros so that you can focus on maximizing the extra clients we generate for your business. Contact Bliss Drive today!

What SEO Companies Do

What services do SEO companies offer? Agencies offer varying marketing services, although you can count on most to help your business with the following:

1. Competitor Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research allows you to compete with the exact phrases that drive traffic to your competitors’ websites. Doing so would give your site the chance to outrank rival pages. Remember: prospects turn straight to the top one or two results on Google, so strive for those spots if you want to increase traffic.

2. Social Media Marketing

Ranking for keywords helps with website visibility, but you should utilize social media marketing techniques to build brand authority. Position yourself as an industry expert. Trust us—converting prospects is significantly easier if you have a well-known, reputable brand.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management 

Success in PPC management involves two things. Firstly, attracting high-quality leads. Through extensive audience targeting methods and high-ranking keywords, you will produce qualified prospects who show genuine interest in your brand. 

Secondly, faithfully following A/B testing. Let’s face it—most ad sets won’t work, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is separating effective and faulty campaigns from each other without increasing your ad spend too much.

4. Content Creation

Engaging, high-quality content affects several crucial SEO metrics like click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Users will either stay or leave because of what they read. To improve site performance, sincerely convey your brand’s message and provide helpful content through engaging, relevant, and, of course, grammatically correct copies.

5. On-Page SEO Audits

You don’t have to guess why your website isn’t generating enough traffic. Digital marketing experts can audit your website and analyze on-page SEO metrics, such as:

  • Page layouts
  • Keyword optimization
  • External and internal link usage
  • Site navigation
  • Branding and voice
  • Content structure

How to Choose an SEO Company

Although having a broad range of SEO companies to choose from can feel exciting, some might find the sheer number of options overwhelming. Budding entrepreneurs might not even know where to start looking. To ensure that your SEO campaigns and marketing efforts pay off, partner with a reliable firm like Bliss Drive that offers: 

Extensive Campaign Reports

Avoid agencies that infrequently send updates. Marketing efforts, whether for content creation or website visibility, require continuous collaboration. No matter how skilled a marketer is, they cannot launch your campaign without consulting you.

For instance, let’s say you order some landing pages to attract quality leads. The agency has the resources to utilize traffic, generate keywords, and understand the Google search engine’s algorithm. However, only you, the client, can dictate the voice and branding you wish to convey.

Transparent Cost Estimates

Always ask for estimates before working with an SEO agency. Doing so will help you filter dishonest marketers that trick clients into hidden fees, or worse, completely scam them.

Agencies generally have two ways of charging clients, which include:

Fixed, Upfront Fees

Traditionally, marketing agencies and even individual freelancers charge fixed, upfront fees. For instance, your marketer will charge you X amount of dollars for the content creation of X Facebook ad sets. Regardless of the campaign’s performance, you would have to pay the same fees.

Results-Based Fees

Results-based pricing plans are common in link-building strategies and email marketing services. After you and the agency agree on a goal metric, they will launch the SEO campaign, then continuously monitor its performance. You don’t have to pay for anything until the marketing efforts produce results.

Historically Promising Results

No SEO campaign guarantees results. However, you can accurately gauge the success rates of any marketer by analyzing their track records. Review their past campaigns. Focus on conversion metrics like click-through rates, site traffic, lead generation, website visibility, search engine ranking, SEO keyword integration, and content analysis.

Also, assess the type of clients that the agency has worked with in the past. Small agencies typically specialize in specific fields, although tenure firms like Bliss Drive have the expertise to run campaigns for a broad range of clients. Whatever the case, perusing your prospective agency’s portfolio will help you make well-informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do SEO yourself? 

You can do SEO for yourself, especially given the number of resources and tools available to you. However, keep in mind that learning SEO can be a lengthy process and requires a lot of trial and error before you get it right. This is why many business owners prefer enlisting the help of an SEO company or SEO consultant rather than starting from scratch on their own. 

Why is SEO expensive? 

SEO can be expensive because it takes time to show results. Furthermore, each campaign requires a lot of resources like development and maintenance with the help of an SEO specialist.

Does SEO need coding? 

One key element in SEO is using the right keywords. Coding isn't necessary, but there are many tools and plug-ins that can help you with these things should you want to learn more. 

How much do Google ads cost? 

A single click on a search ad is not worth much, but it can be enough to get someone interested in your product. The average cost per click for Google Ads ranges from $1 and upwards of $2 depending upon the type you are using (search or display). Bing ads tend to have an even lower CPC at under $0.50 each time they're clicked.

How do you do monthly SEO? 

Your monthly SEO report should also include an overview of the number of clicks your campaign is getting on each keyword for which they are ranking. This will give SEO professionals a much better idea to know which keywords drive engagement and conversion rates best.

So, what does an SEO company do? SEO agencies provide a wide range of services, but their overall goal includes improving the efficacy of your marketing efforts. With their help, your SEO campaign should boost your site to the top of Google SERPs. The increased website visibility will produce more traffic, better leads, and ultimately, increased sales.
If you still find yourself asking, “What is an SEO company?” or “What do SEO services do?” consult the SEO pros at Bliss Drive. Our team boasts quality SEO services that will generate results. Regardless of the industry that you work in, business size, or products/services you sell, we can create an effective, profitable campaign customized to your brand. Reach out to the Bliss Drive team today!

Richard Fong is a highly experienced and successful internet marketer, known for founding Bliss Drive. With over 20 years of online experience, he has earned a prestigious black belt in internet marketing. Richard leads a dedicated team of professionals and prioritizes personalized service, delivering on his promises and providing efficient and affordable solutions to his clients.
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