What Is eCommerce Merchandising And Purchasing?

What Is eCommerce Merchandising And Purchasing?

eCommerce merchandising is the practice of displaying products or offers on a website in order to increase purchases. Effective online merchandising is more than just displaying products attractively. It is also about optimizing your path to purchase regardless of where users enter your website or where they are in the path. 

When it comes to eCommerce, purchasing simply means finalizing an online transaction with payment. eCommerce merchandising ensures that this happens by connecting consumers to your brand and providing them with a positive online shopping experience. This process is heavily inspired by traditional merchandising and purchasing but differs greatly in its execution.

How eCommerce Merchandising Differs From Traditional Forms

We’ve listed a few ways eCommerce merchandising differs today.

Product Placement

While there are no physical paths or layouts on eCommerce sites, there are digital ones. Instead of placing products in a physical store, you place them within your pages. 

Creating an intuitive navigation system, information architecture, and an internal linking strategy is all part of the process of encouraging users to view and purchase profitable products.

Personalized Shopping

Traditional stores employ in-person salespeople who can tailor the shopping experience for customers. You can use live chat to replace salespeople in eCommerce, but this requires additional manpower and constant availability. 

Instead, you can automatically show customers products that they are likely to be interested in based on past customer data such as viewed products, search queries, and clickstream data such as CTR, bounce rates, and add-to-cart activity.

Brand Identity

The goal of branding is to induce an emotional response in buyers so that they can connect with your company and/or products. Lighting, paint, color, music, and even scents are all used by traditional stores to demonstrate their brand. 

While you cannot use these in eCommerce, you can use imagery, color, copy, video, unique website layouts, and other elements to give your users an idea of who you are as a company and what you represent.

Overall, eCommerce merchandising and purchasing involves careful attention to user experience and website architecture while maintaining a consistent brand identity. 

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