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Customer’s reviews are becoming an important marketing strategy for companies. It is often seen that a third party endorsement can sell your product in a much better way than a trade show, brochure or other ways to attract your prospective customers. Who can be a better third party than your own customers who are the greatest assets of your company? Customer’s reviews are written testimonials which describe the customers’ experiences with your services or products. You can make these reviews public on your website and can also use them in sales material.

Whom to Ask Reviews From
There are basically two approaches. Some businesses prefer seeking reviews only from those customers who are satisfied with their services and are sure to give positive feedback. There are some entrepreneurs, who seek reviews from all their customers irrespective of the fact whether they are satisfied with their services or not. This give them a large number of reviews, and it has been seen that majority of them gives a good feedback. Larger number of reviews is helpful for search engine rankings.

Why You Need Customer Reviews
• People have great faith in customers’ reviews. If you have a lot of them on your website and if they are positive on the whole, more and more people will come to you to buy your products.
• Reviews can help your site in ranking high in search engine results. If you have a huge number of reviews on different sites it will influence your ranking and there are chances that your site appears on the first page of any search engine.

How to Encourage Customers for Reviews
If you need reviews you have to ask your customers. A few ideas on how to ask are:
• If someone tells you that you have done a great job, thank him and tell him you would love to receive an online review.
• By sending a note to your Facebook/Twitter fans or mailing list, ask them to review your business.
• After you have provided service to your customers, ask them for their reviews in your follow up mail.

Where to Leave the Reviews
There are a number of online locations where customers can review your business. Find out which review sites are best suited for your company. It will be a good idea to encourage reviews on many locations, because it is very difficult to know which sites will be most trusted or used in the near future.

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