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Marketing through suppliers and manufacturers in the value chain of your business activity is a very crucial part of your internet marketing strategy. The rationale for this kind of marketing relationship among different links in the value chain is the role each party can play for the business growth of others as well as their mutual dependence on each other.

All Businesses in the Value Chain are Interdependent

Every business activity is fundamentally driven by the end user. However, the process of conversion of raw material into finished product or services is often a very complex process. There are different roles played by different companies involved in the value chain and they are all dependent on every other link for their own success.

A manufacturer needs the support of suppliers in the distribution channel as well as the retail stores who are ultimately selling the products to the customers. Similarly suppliers can benefit if they are provided privileged access to a company’s product by the manufacturer.

A Symbiotic Relationship among All Players

There is a basically a symbiotic relationship among all the players in the value chain and you can ask your suppliers or manufacturers to help in your business growth by providing link to your business on their website. You can get referral customers from users arriving at the manufacturers or suppliers’ website based on keyword specific search results.

No matter if you have a small or midsized business, you can still approach your manufactures and suppliers who may be having a turnover that is many times larger than yours. Because there is an element of mutual dependence among all links in the value chain, they might see a valid reason for popularizing your business through a link on their website.

A Collaborative Value Chain

It is a well known fact that the value addition to a product is more efficient if there are collaborative value chain partnership relationships rather than one link in the chain dominating the entire process. The customers’ tastes and preferences are ever changing and a business manufactures who has lost sight of these realities existing at the ground level is bound to fail. Similarly the preferences of customers as far as their preferred mode of distribution channels as well as the bottlenecks in the existing channels also keep on changing with times. Your business having the most direct contact with the end user may be in the best position to advice your manufacturers and suppliers to change with time.

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