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Creating a Wikipedia page for your business can be very beneficial. Wikipedia, one of the top ranked websites for search engines educates a lot to people in a very simple and straight forward manner. Selling a product to your potential customers also involves informing them about your business and when you are able to pass on this information to your potential clients, items sell by themselves. Wikipedia is a great tool for informing a huge numbers of people, all at a time about your products and services.

What is Wiki?
Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that allows you to create and edit interlinked web pages. Creating a Wiki page for your business and adding information into it is an easy job. Anyone can edit or add comment or ideas and this makes it a powerful collaboration tool.

Optimize Your Article
Just having a wiki page of your business will not serve your purpose. You have to optimize your article and offer an easy reading to viewers so that they stick to the article till the end.
• Use the name of your organization for the title of the article.
• Write neutral content and do not include any business promotion.
• Give references to articles in Wikipedia that have related information.
• Write short paragraph having 4 to 5 sentences.
• Provide external links to other non-competitor sites having related information.
• Give sub headings for easy reading.

How a Wikipedia Page of Your business can Help You
• Great Business Tool: Wikipedia is a great business tool, as it you can very easily propagate your ideas online through it. Wikipedia enjoys the status of “authority site” and is looked upon as one of the top resources for finding trustworthy information.  It is also a powerhouse in rankings, and most of the times, Wikipedia shows up on the first page of search engine results, especially Google.
• Credibility: Wikipedia page of your business adds credibility to your brand. Wikipedia entry, when searching for your organization conveys the message that your business is big and legitimate.  People usually believe on the information displayed on a Wikipedia page.
• Great exposure: Wikipedia is the most widely used website and to have an article about your company means more visitors and more exposure.
• Increased trust:  Every company strives to earn trust both from search engines and consumers. A Wikipedia page of your company can help in achieving both.

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