How “Boring” Businesses Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage - Bliss Drive

One of the biggest problems with most online marketing advice is that it’s aimed at exciting, groundbreaking businesses. From press coverage to great ad performance, it’s easy to coast by in marketing when you’re Facebook or Twitter.

When you’re not such a well-known, exciting brand, however, marketing can be an incredibly difficult experience. Getting covered in the press is a struggle and finding an audience for your company blog or latest case study a difficult process.

This is particularly true on social media, where short attention spans and a serious focus on what’s hot, exciting and new are prevalent. If you run an important but not exciting business, how can you stand out from the crowd and get attention?

In this post, we’ll share four social media strategies that you can use to make your ‘boring’ business – whether it’s an accountancy firm or local bakery – stand out on social media and make an impression with your target audience.

Focus on becoming an authority in your field

Does the average auto repair shop have the opportunity to become exciting to the general public? Short of appearing on its own reality show, no. Most of us view our local auto shop as a useful service provider, but not as an exciting business.

Instead of trying to be exciting or interesting, you can try to be authoritative within your industry. Rather than eye-catching blog posts with titles that amaze readers, a better strategy is to focus on creating authoritative content.

Examples of authoritative content include How To guides, detailed summaries of a common problem your customers face and news coverage. Instead of being cool or exciting, focus on being the most trusted business within your field.

Find an angle that makes your business exciting

Every business, no matter how “boring” it seems, has done something interesting. A local auto shop, for example, might have tuned the performance of a high-end sports car. A local accountancy firm might have saved a client thousands in taxes.

Instead of thinking about making your business exciting to a general audience, think of content ideas that are exciting to your customer base. Every industry, even those that seem dull to outsiders, can be exciting to a certain audience.

From helpful posts on tax preparation aimed at business owners to guides to using less gasoline on your daily commute aimed at people concerned about the natural environment, there’s an exciting angle for any type of “boring” business.

Focus on the unseen value your business provides

One of the best ways to make your business feel more interesting and attract more attention on social media is by looking at it from an unseen angle. What value does your business offer that most people rarely think about?

Let’s use our auto shop example above. Instead of publishing and promoting a blog post on car performance or auto parts, publish one focusing on the total amount of emissions your community can save by having their cars regularly serviced.

Another unique content idea is the amount of money consumers save over the long term by servicing their cars instead of leaving them unmaintained. Approach your business from an angle consumers rarely observe and you’ll get their attention.

Switch from ‘business mode’ to ‘personal mode’

Far too many small businesses fall into the trap of assuming that they need to make their audience think they’re bigger than they are. From a marketing perspective, it’s actually far better to focus on your smallness as a unique selling point.

Using our automotive example above, a great way to get more attention with social media is by making your posts more personal. Instead of a new post from “The #1 Local Auto Team,’ publish posts from “John Smith, Your Local Mechanic.”

Social media is about interacting with other people, and your audience will be far more likely to respond positively to your posts and marketing when they see it’s from a real person, not a brand. Own your smallness and make it a selling point.

How can your “boring” business become exciting?

Whether you offer a professional service, sell a product that most people spend very little time thinking about or simply have an offer that’s hard to make interesting, it’s always possible to make your “boring” business exciting to a certain audience.

From switching from brand-focused to person-focused to marketing your product or service from a new angle, what could you do to turn your “boring” business into something people love to talk about on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?

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