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Once a useful tool for visualizing your neighborhood, Google Earth has since grown into a powerful tool for marketers and small businesses. Google’s latest service – an enhanced version of Google Earth known as Google Earth Pro – has immense value for realtors interested in enhancing and growing their businesses.

While other Google services like Maps and Google search are valuable for sourcing new customers and clients, Google Earth Pro has a different key benefit for realtors and estate agents: the ability to pinpoint homes, prospect for new customers, and build a powerful database of local real estate information.

Google Earth Pro: How it Works

Traditionally, realtors would have to look at their neighborhood from above to get a full view of its amenities and features. Today, all it takes is a couple of clicks. Travel through the air above your neighborhood using Google Earth and view everything from retail stores to public parks, transportation lines, and highways.

Once a useful tool for visualizing your neighborhood, Google Earth has since grown into a powerful tool for marketers and small businesses.

Think of Google Earth Pro like a local model – a full three-dimensional model of your neighborhood. Instead of driving customers from one property to the next in order to showcase the neighborhood’s amenities and benefits, you can quickly fly over the entire neighborhood from the comfort and convenience of your office.

Showcasing Properties Using Google Earth Pro

Real estate buyers need to know about amenities and services located close to their dream homes. Realtors can create customized fly-through tours of their area using Google Earth Pro, avoiding the long hours spent in traffic driving customers around a neighborhood.

Google Earth Pro can also be used to pinpoint nearby retailers, transportation hubs, and other conveniences. Google Earth even allows you to identify homes direct from the MLS and calculate the distance to schools, retail stores, and other conveniences.

This means you have important information like school zoning, distances to nearby public transportation, access to retail centers, and other key data at your fingertips. Instead of searching for important information that customers need to know, you’ll be able to access it immediately using Google Earth Pro.

Google Maps Pro includes three data sets that are of interest to realtors. The first is a listing of information for locations and buildings, including zoning information. The second includes census data and future housing projections. The third includes local traffic information, allowing you to calculate commute and travel times.

Finding Prospects Using Google Earth Pro

As well as being a powerful tool for creating fly-through tours of properties and neighborhoods, Google Earth Pro is a highly useful marketing tool for realtors in need of new customers. Since it connects with the MLS, Google Earth allows you to quickly identify and connect with potential sellers in your neighborhood.

Since Google Earth Pro allows you to search areas for average income information, you can also quickly identify target areas that contain buyers and sellers that match your business’s template. This level of pinpointing makes Google Earth Pro just as powerful for prospecting as it is for showcasing properties to customers.

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