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From Facebook Ads to LinkedIn InMail, some of the web’s biggest social networks have grown from fun places to network and share content into valuable business marketing tools.

Whether you operate a small, local business or a scalable online company, social networks could be a lucrative, highly profitable promotional opportunity. In this guide, we will cover four of the most effective social networking marketing tools, from Facebook’s advertising platform for smaller social communities.

Facebook: Using Pages to Your Advantage

Over the last decade, Facebook has grown from a small online community solely made up of college students into a massive network of over one billion people all around the world.

Due to its immense size and incredible popularity with users, Facebook is a very lucrative tool for savvy marketers. Pages are Facebook’s most popular marketing tool for businesses looking to connect with their customers online.

Although Pages can be promoted via paid advertising campaigns, their greatest strength is their ability to help your business connect with its customers. Using Pages, your business can alert customers to promotions, special offers, and any upcoming events that may be of interest to them.

Facebook Ads: A Massive Source of Traffic

Pages are Facebook’s free marketing option for businesses – a social page that’s ideal for promotions and other activity. Facebook Ads, on the other hand, is the company’s paid promotional network for businesses aiming to target potential customers and expand their reach.

Because of the immense amount of traffic available on Facebook, advertising is relatively inexpensive. CPMs are low, and businesses with savvy campaigns can reach tens of thousands of people on a relatively low budget.

Like any advertising platform, Facebook Ads requires some optimization before campaigns can become highly profitable. Experimenting with new images and a variety of advertising texts is important for achieving the optimum ROI from any Facebook Ads campaigns.

LinkedIn: Powerful B2B Networking

What Facebook is for B2C marketers, LinkedIn is for B2B marketers. This gigantic business social network is the perfect place to network with prospects and grow your business’s customer and client base.

One of LinkedIn’s biggest benefits for business owners is its value as a networking tool. By purchasing LinkedIn Premium accounts for your sales team, your business can easily reach Purchasing Managers and CEOs regarding new deals and valuable business partnerships.

Just like Facebook offers both free and paid advertising, LinkedIn offers a wonderful advertising platform for businesses. Unlike Facebook, however, LinkedIn’s CPMs are very costly, with campaigns starting from $2 per click and rapidly rising in cost with specific targeting options and custom variables.

Social Bookmarking: Valuable PR and Branding

Facebook allows you to expand your reach and build an audience. LinkedIn makes it easy for your sales team to reach new clients and customers. Social bookmarking, on the other hand, allows you to create a conversation with your customers and build a powerful, memorable, and lasting brand.

By being active on communities such as Reddit and Delicious, as well as smaller web forums and communities, your business can expand its reach and become far more memorable with its target audience. All it takes is a little bit of positive involvement to become a memorable business that customers will eventually turn to.

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