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Today’s business world is consumer driven. Consumer is the king! All businesses, whether large or small, are trying their best to move up in the consumer rating. Traditionally, the influence that you created on your consumer and their word of mouth was considered as the best rating strategy. But no more! Why? Because it takes a hell lot of time. Moreover, you are waiting for the turnaround to happen. At times, no more than just a wishful thinking with your business never rising above a plateau.

Such a strategy is the thing of the past. You no longer wait for things to turn around for your business now. You actually try to make them happen. And there lies the power of Yelp!

What is Yelp? is a business tool that connects consumers with local businesses. It allows you to take a proactive approach to connect with your potential customers. Use it in the right manner, and it can churn huge profits for your business!

The Strategy of Yelp

The latest sales figure or the number of awards is no more very much relevant in business today. Instead, how the public rates you is the primary concern of business owners. The strategy of Yelp centers around two key issues:

  • Make people know about your business, and get their reviews.
  • The more you get the reviews the easier it becomes for you to attract new clients.

How it works lets you add your business in its database of local business directory. You can also put a link for your website. The best part is that all this comes absolutely free. But, free advertising for your business is just the stepping stone. You get a lot more! Straightaway, it provides a platform facilitating business review, social networking and search engine marketing or listing for your local business.

Taking advantage of positive business reviews

If you get some positive reviews, it will certainly generate some new customers. You can also link your profile to independent and reputable websites where you have received some good reviews. And this way, you can show your previously earned reputation to your potential clients.

Use the power of social networking

Yelp facilitates more reviews by combining social media marketing with an open forum.  This, in turn, can influence the local users to decide where to go and where to eat. Yelp users are mushrooming day by day since it was launched more than 5 years back. Today, it commands a staggering 25 million visitors per month, and the figures are growing rapidly.

How to get traffic

Be visible to your potential customers searching on Yelp by adding excellent photos and content to your Yelp listing. Simply listing your products and stating your business hours would not be helpful. Instead, hire a professional to create an informative and attractive profile. The idea is to charm consumers and there may be a fair chance that they may like to spend money on your product or services. Emphasize on a great customer experience, and mean it!

Make your customers the flag-bearers of your business

Your customers could be the walking flag bearers advertising your business. So, charm them with a shopping experience they would not forget. If they spend a great time with you, they could be great advocates for your business even without you asking them to do so.

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