Thoughts About the Future and Google Zeitgeist - Bliss Drive

When preparing to welcome the New Year, even as we look beyond and try to imagine what the future will bring, one cannot help but do the opposite too, that is, look back at the past for clues. If like me you are fond of those radio countdowns that recall the hits of the year, then you will like Google Zeitgeist!

This fun website from Google essentially captures how web users searched the Internet in 2012. You can access this wealth of information two ways: (a) by categories and (b) through searches by country. Not only is Google Zeitgeist a fine tool for nostalgia – I like to think of it as a crystal ball. It’s a nifty tool for forecasting how trends will look like moving forward. Now, I don’t know exactly the kind of businesses, you my readers, are involved in. The industries may vary and you alone are the best judge for which trends you think will affect your industry the most.

From a business owner’s perspective, this is essential. We have to be keen with the changes in our immediate area as well as in the global setting. Everything in the Internet age is relative. Knowing how to maneuver your business according to the changing times could be your business’ best tool for being profitable in 2013.

Okay, enough talk from my end. I hereby leave you with this video that says it all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Google Zeitgeist is addicting.

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